Valentine's Day Bingo: Printable

The Day of LOVE is quickly approaching, okay we still have over a month until it is here.  But it's never to early to start preparing right?  I love doing bingo games, especially for kids parties.  Here is my form of Valentine's Day Bingo.  There are six different  cards and the calling cards. Print them out on card stock, laminate them if you'd like (I would suggest to) and use conversation hearts for bingo spacers.  Hope you enjoy.  More fun Valentine's stuff to come. Check in every Wednesday for some fun ideas.


  1. I love these! I may be really missing it, but where am I able to download these?



  2. Heather- They are just a jpeg image. So you just need to click on the image to open it up then you can save the image to your computer and print them as you would any other image. Each page is 8 1/2 by 11.


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