January 2014 Visit Teaching Message Handout

I decided with this new year that I wanted to devote one day a week to Relief Society stuff.  The first Thursday of the month I am going to try to post something in regards to the visit teaching message for the month.  Some of the other Thursday's will be for the Pursuit of Excellence and other fun RS things.

This month's visit teaching message is:
The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Exemplar

I love this because it also goes a long with week three's sharing time in Primary this month.  Our Savior, Jesus Christ was the ultimate example to all of us.  He always went about doing his Father's will.  Even when he was in his youth he was found "... in the temple, sitting in the midst of the doctorsboth hearing them, and asking them questions." (Luke 2:46-49)  If we look at his life we see that he loved and served everyone.  He did not discriminate between persons. He saw all as his brothers and sisters, he saw everyone with their divine potential.  To all of us he is full of forgiveness and understanding.  He is our advocate. 

To pattern our life after his means we must see the divine potential of others, see them as they can be.  Going about our days in unselfish service to those around us.  I know sometimes life is crazy busy and we can get so wrapped up in all the stuff going on in our own lives. Sometimes, we need to sit back and recognize the needs of those around us.  I have heard it said before that the happiest people are those who loose their selves in the service of others.  I am grateful that my Father in Heaven sent the Savior to this Earth so I have an example of how to live my life.

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