10 Super Fun Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages You Must Have

10 Super Fun Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages You Must Have,

Valentine's Day!! What do you love about it? What do you not love about it? For me, I think Valentine's Day has always been a day of excitement. I remember as a child getting a special knock on our front door, with Valentine's with each of our names laying on the doorstep. Both my grandparents and my parents tried to make the day special. I have strived to carry this tradition on with my own kids! Who doesn't love a surprise on the doorstep?!?

Something, I have also loved is the creativity that seems to surround holidays, including Valentine's Day! I love creating things, such a coloring pages and printables.  Each month this year I will be sharing some coloring pages, that correlate with that month. So, as you can imagine, February's coloring pages are all about Valentine's day!  

I asked some of my nieces and nephews what kind of images to include in my coloring pages. The girls were all about the llamas & the boys sports! I couldn't pass up making some with some gnomes too!! I showed them the coloring pages and they loved how they turned out. So hopefully your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews, or class members will love them too!!

They are great to you in the classroom setting or for class parties. Or just to color at home! I know as a kiddo, I loved to just sit and color in my bedroom or in the front room with my family as we watched TV. I guess you could say, I still love coloring!!

It's all about the llamas!! Seriously, boys and girls alike can't get enough of them!! I can see why, they are goofy and cute all at the same time!

I had to make some coloring pages with the standard heart and arrows and love letters! I asked my kiddos what came to their minds when I said Valentine's day and they said hearts!!

So, one of my nephews is all about sports! This basketball color page, his approved by him! Also, my hubby, made to make sure that the basketballs I drew were legit! I so love the gnome coloring page! If you look around the internet gnomes are the craze right now. And who doesn't love a sweet love owl!

Click the free download below. Print them all, or when you click the print button, just print the pages you want.

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  1. Can I ask what program/app you're using on when you design them? I've got a daughter that loves to draw and really wants to do it on her tablet. Thanks!


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