Day 9 and 10 of the 12 Days of Halloween Fun: Halloween Games (Cake Walk, Bingo, Halloween Character Swat)

After a crazy day of Field Trips, Presidency Meetings, shopping for primary and trying to get this post didn't get finished yesterday. So, I am combining Day 9 and 10 and posting some fun Halloween Games that would be fun for School, Church or Family Parties.

Day 9 and 10 of the 12 Days of Halloween Fun: Halloween Games and Printables

Cake/Treat Walk:  This is one that we are doing for our ward party. But instead of cake we are giving our cookies and popcorn. To prepare the game place the papers on the ground in a large circle. Secure papers to the ground with tape. The idea of the game is participants begin by standing on one of the papers. When the music begins they walk around in the circle stepping on the papers, when the music stops they need to stop on a paper.  The person running the game will then choose a small choosing paper out of a container. Who ever is standing on the paper that is drawn out wins a treat.  Begin music again and continue with game.

Another option to this game would be a dance party.  Place the papers randomly in the room. When music begins participants can walk or dance. When the music stops they have to find a paper to stand on. Draw a choosing paper out and who ever is standing on that paper wins the treat. Continue until each participant wins a treat.

Choosing Cards

Bingo:  This is a great game to play at any party!!  Give each participant a bingo card and some spacers. The spacers could be small pieces of candy, pieces of paper, bingo chips, etc.  Have each participant to place a spacer on the free space.  Start drawing the papers out of the container. Have participants place a spacer on the square that is chosen.  Continue until a participant has 5 squares in a row covered up. The participant than yells bingo.  Game can continue until everyone obtains a bingo, or can go until black out when the complete card is covered with spacers.

Free Printables: 

Halloween Character Swat:  Cut out images and place on two poster boards.  Divide participant into two teams.  Ask for a participant from each team. Give those two participants a fly swatter.  Draw a choosing card out of a container. Participants raise to see who can swat that Halloween character first. The first one to swat is receives a point for their team. Then have them pass the fly swatter onto another member of their team. Continue with game until all cards have been used. Count points and see which team wins.


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  2. Thank you for sharing your ideas! It looks like the bingo cards aren't included in the download. Would you mind sharing?


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