Kindness Bingo A Great Activity for Youth, Families and School Groups

 Kindness Bingo A Great Activity for Youth, Families and School Groups,

I am a firm believer that kindness is contagious, but that kindness has to start somewhere. The other day, one of my friends shared a picture of her son's coat, who someone had put chewed up sticky candy in his hood. Why? Why do things like this happen? We hear too many stories of children and youth, being picked on, left out and even bullied. I know that there is goodness within each of us! There is a light that wants to come out and shine for others. Don't get me wrong, there is also so much good that youth do as well! I am so passionate about inviting our youth and children to focus on kindness and service often!

In our local junior high and high school we have a group of youth called student representatives, I have been lucky enough to be able to serve with them. Last year, we did a few things to focus on kindness and service. Our whole goal is to make the school and community better. We did Random Acts of Kindness cards, last school year in October, these were a HUGE hit! I had leaders from other schools message me for the idea and RAK cards. (I just realized I never posted about them! Let me know if you're interested and I'll do a post sharing the printable and what we did) 

Last year, for February we did Kindness Punch Cards. This was another huge hit. Here is the link to that activity and printable: Kindness Punch Cards. The thing is the students love to serve and be kind. Kindness brings joy into our lives and to those we are kind to.

This year, we decided to do a Kindness Bingo. We are doing this for the Junior High students, but it would work with any youth or children school or church group. You could even do it as a family. On the bingo cards, are acts of kindness they can do. I think it is also important to be kind to ourselves and practice positivity and gratitude, so there are some of those things included as well. For our Jr. High group. every time they do one of the acts of kindness they can mark off that square, when they get four in a row, they can come and get a treat. Every time they get four in a row they can come and get a treat (we will mark off each bingo they get a treat for). When they get black out they will turn their card in for a drawing.  Click the free download button below for the Bingo Cards. There are colored ones and there are BW ones. We are emailing them out to all of our Student Reps and we are having some paper ones available in the counseling office to pick up if they need to. 

Colored Kindness Bingo:

BW Kindness Bingo:

Our children and youth are amazing. I have seen them reach out to others with kindness. Here are just a few examples. My niece one day while walking down the halls at a junior high school, so some kids bump into another kid and know a bunch of things out of his hand. The kid was very upset and even using some not so kind words. My niece saw this and immediately bent down and helped him pick up his stuff. Another example, was when my kiddos have had kids in their class who have lost a parent. I have seen those kids rally around their classmates with love. 

This past December we participated in the church's Light the World. I loved seeing my children serve others!! On one occasion we went and decorated someone's door and left them a bottle of pop that looked like a reindeer. We did this secretly, even covering up their doorbell camera (don't worry the parents had a heads up). When we got back to the car, my kids exclaimed how fun it was. One of my kiddos even said, can't we do it to more people! Kindness is fun, its exhilarating, it just feels right! 

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