Spiritual Goal, A Year of Coming Unto Christ by Developing Christlike Attributes: February is Hope

 Spiritual Goal, A Year of Coming Unto Christ by Developing Christlike Attributes: February is Hope,

Last month, I started the year of coming unto Christ by developing His attributes. We focused on Faith in Christ for January.  I loved being intentional of thinking about and increasing my faith in my Savior. One thing that I did was study "The Living Christ", as well as use the worksheet and write down what thoughts I had throughout the month as I thought about and studied Faith.

Here is the schedule for the year:

For February, the Christlike attribute that we will be focusing on is Hope. On the church's website, in the Gospel Topics it says this of hope, "When we have hope, we trust God’s promises." I would highly encourage you in your study of hope to read the whole section in the Gospel Topics on Hope. Hope is powerful, it is trusting in God. I believe that Faith and Hope go hand in hand, which makes it very fitting to be studying hope, right after we studied faith.

I believe that it is during our greatest adversities, that we rely on hope the most. That in those darkest moments, that their is a ray of light in the gospel plan. 

The Gospel Topic on Hope is full of resources on hope. Such as videos, talks, music and images. I just provided you with the link, instead of typing out all of the resources. There are so many on there, choose the ones that you think will be beneficial to you.  Another great resources is Preach My Gospel (scroll down to Hope). I have made a worksheet to help with studying and recording thoughts about Hope. Click the Free Download button below to print.

I have a wonderful friend who serves on the board for Utah Foster Care, he asked if I would like to be involved with sharing awareness during February. Of course I said, yes. As we are thinking about hope, hope is what these children who often come from difficult situations, find in their foster care families. It's hard to understand why some children have to face hardships of not having a stable home. I take hope, that through the atonement of Christ that all things will one day be made right. In the mean time, w can help be a ray of hope, whether it is just by sharing awareness, or donating, volunteering, or being a foster family. I truly look up to and am so inspired by those who give their hearts and homes to foster children. 

I made this image of our Savior and a little girl in a purple dress. Purple is the color for Utah's Foster Care Awareness. I know that our Savior loves these children, he has suffered for them. Below I am sharing a free download of this picture. There is an 8 by 10 size or a pass along card size (4 to a page). 

Click the link below for the 8 by 10 (print onto 8.5 by 11 paper):

Click the link below for the pass along cards (4 to a page)

Thank you for stopping by!! I hope that you will enjoy studying these Christlike attributes and that they will bring more joy into your life. Please take a minute and make sure you are following us on  InstagramFacebook and Pinterest.

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