Kindness Punch Cards Printable

Kindness Punch Cards Printable, great for school groups or classes, church youth groups, or do it as a family!!

I have the opportunity to work with a group of teenagers at the local junior high school. It is the funnest thing! Our goal is to make the school and community a better place. So, when we were thinking about what to do for the month of February, I came up with these Kindness Punch Cards. The purpose is to focus on building healthy relationships and focus on spreading kindness.

We gave a card to each of our Student Ambassadors, with the instructions to either punch out the heart on the card or have the person they do the kind act to initial the heart. When they have completed the whole card, they can bring it to the office on the last day of the month for a treat. 

As you can see, some of the kind act items on the list are directed toward themselves. I really do believe that, we can be hardest on ourselves. It takes a conscience effort sometimes to be kind to ourselves.

This might be just a small thing, but those small acts can have a big effect on someones day, or even their life! This whole world could use a little bit more kindness and positivity. It begins with each individual person!

To print the cards, click the free download button below. Print them on card stock or normal paper. We printed ours on pink paper. 

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