Come, Follow Me 2021 Doctrine and Covenants 133–134 Resources and Insights

 Come, Follow Me 2021 Doctrine and Covenants 133–134 Resources and Insights,

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Last week,  we talked about how Heavenly Father desires us to gain knowledge. How to discern between angels of God and those not of Him. Also, how he desires families to be together forever and has provided a way for them to be and that we are blessed as we show obedience to our Heavenly Father.

This week, we will be discussing how the Doctrine of Covenants can help prepare us to do the Lord's work. We learn that wants us to continually prepare for His second coming and that it will be glorious for those who are righteous and prepared. 

Throughout this blog post you will find images I create daily, which I am offering as free printables. As well as insights and links to resources to help with individual, family and even class room study. Remember to check back throughout the week as more printables and resources are added daily.

Day 1:

I’ve been slacking lately with doing a workout. I’ve used the excuse that I’m too busy, or I’ve been sick. Well, today, I resolved to get a workout in and do you know what? I can tell that from not working out regularly for the past little while, my muscles have weakened a bit.

I tell you this, because I feel like our testimonies can weaken just like our muscles do, when we don’t exercise our faith regularly.

We talked to our boys tonight about the importance of intentionally living the gospel. It is so easy, because we are so involved with living in the world. There’s work and school and household chores, that keep us pretty busy and our minds pretty occupied. We need to be intentional about keeping our covenant and focusing on our Savior. Which means throughout our day, we are thinking about whether the choices we are making are aligned with striving to be more like the Savior. Are we being kind to others? Are we living a life of integrity?

When we intentionally work a muscle, over time that muscle is strengthened. Same is true of our faith and testimony. As we are intentional about keeping our covenants, focusing on Christ and living the gospel, then our testimony is strengthened.

This life is about progression and becoming like our Heavenly Father. I was grateful for the quote at the top of the lesson, which then prompted me to read the talk it came from & that got me thinking about how to make my home a place where the spirit can dwell and testimonies can flourish. I think that our daily family study and prayers really help with that! 💕

Here’s the link to the talk:

Day 2:

Our mission is to come unto Christ and invite others to come unto Him as well. It’s a mission that all members are called to. It involves repenting and sanctifying our lives unto Him! ♥️

Today, was a JAM PACKED DAY for me! I had a meeting for #lighttheworld and immediately after a Stake Primary training that I was privileged to speak at. Both meetings focus was love 💕

Isn’t it a beautiful thing what our Heavenly Father has done for us out of love, to send His Son into this world to be a light to each of us!

Those of us who have knowledge and a testimony of Christ, can share that light with others. This past Sunday, I gave a little message in one of our primaries in our stake. I brought a flashlight and a mirror. At first I talked about light with the children. Then, how Christ is a light to us. Then I took my flashlight, I shown it onto me and said, Christ shines His light on us. Then I had my mirror and when that light from my flashlight hit that mirror, it reflected onto some of the primary children. We then discussed how we can reflect Christ’s light onto others around us. One girl said by being kind to others. I believe that when we have a testimony of Christ and love Him, then we can’t help but reflect His light onto others.

My favorite time of the year is December, because it seems, we focus more on reflecting that light. How important it is to remember that we are ALL God’s children, He loves us and asks that we love each other. I truly believe that love, fuels the flame of our light. Love for God, love for our Savior and love for each other!!!

Keep an eye on @comeuntochrist as the new calendar for the year, video and daily prompts will be coming out soon!!! Did you see all the places that they will have the #givingmachines SO EXCITING, that they are back this year & in more locations!! 

Day 3:

I loved this statement in regards to the second coming!!! Do we want to be numbered among those who are prepared to receive Him? How amazing that would be! ♥️

I feel that, there is even more an urgency now, then ever before in my life, to prepare the world for the Lord’s second coming.

How do we do this? By living a righteous life and inviting others to do so as well! It’s by those small and simple things we do each and every day.

Today, I gave the thought at our High School PTSA meeting. It was on kindness. I shared the following quote, from Mother Teresa, “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” When we have the love of Christ in our hearts, others around us can feel it and it will turn them to Him.

To those I shared my thought with today, it was based on the importance of teaching kindness to teens. Patty O'Grady, an expert in neuroscience, stated, “kindness changes the brain by the experience of kindness. Children and adolescents do not learn kindness by only thinking about it and talking about it. Kindness is best learned by feeling it so that they can reproduce it.” Does not this take on an even greater meaning as we think about it in the gospel sense? Others need to see us emulating the love of Christ. Which involves kindness, but even goes much deeper. I personally do not think that kindness can be taught and talked about enough!!! Kindness is such a powerful thing. It is taking that second great commandment and living it. To prepare for the Lord’s second coming, we need to become a people who exhibits kindness, who are pure in heart and have unity 💕

Here’s that great talk by Elder Christopherson!

I will also link on the blog to the article I found the quote from about kindness. 

Day 4:

Do you know what? I think that one of Satan’s greatest tools is that of questioning our self, our abilities, and even our worth. He likes to put fear in our hearts. Fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of the unknown, etc. Sometimes, we start to believe his whisperings.

As we live our lives, faith is an essential part of preparing to meet the Savior. Faith can dispel fear. It can give us the courage to face our tasks, knowing that we can gain strength from our Savior’s enabling power. Faith helps us to understand that we don’t have to be perfect. Because we have a Savior, we can repent. With faith we can trust that we are of great worth to God. That we are loved by Him, that He knows us and is there for us.

I am constantly in awe, when I think of the faith of the early Saints! They had to trust that God was with them. They had to have that faith that they mattered to God & that He was there for them. I think that something that strengthens my faith is all that the Savior did for me in the Garden of Gethsemane! From His suffering, I know I matter, I know that He’s always there and He perfectly understands!! ❤️

Here’s the link to a study guide where I found this quote:

Day 5:

It doesn’t matter where we live! We aren’t asked to pick up and move, leaving all of our things behind to join the Saints. But we are asked to leave behind the things of the world and commit to follow our Savior.

My commitment began when I was eight years old, when I was baptized and made covenants with my Heavenly Father. That commitment has continued daily since, with each choice I make. For me, I take my covenants very seriously. But even more than that, I have gained a relationship with my Heavenly Father and Savior. I want to do those things they want me to, because I love them. I’m grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ and the opportunity we have to repent daily. That helps we to stay true to my commitment to follow Christ! ♥️

Here’s a link to a great study guide:

Day 6:

I saw this quote when I was studying about being good citizens and I loved it!! We each can have a positive influence and impact on the world!!

Sometimes, we might feel insignificant or inadequate in the things that we do. But I think we would be surprised by the influence we do have. The key is just as this quote says, to influence more than we are influenced.

I am a huge advocate for having an open mind, having open communication and that there is usually two sides to every story. I feel like this is so important in a world that is so divided and can help us to be better citizens.

As for being an influence, our Savior has invited us to “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16) When we let our lights shine, then we are being that positive influence on the world. Think about how you might use your talents to have an influence, in your community, in the school, in your neighborhood or even just within your family ♥️

Here’s a link to a great study guide where I found this quote, it’s down towards the bottom:

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