A Fun Worksheet for Easter General Conference, Great for Primary kids!

 A Fun Worksheet for Easter General Conference!

I think General Conference is my favorite time of the year & I love that it comes twice in a year! How could you not?! We get to hear uplifting guidance from our prophet, apostles and church leaders. I have so many resources for General Conference, because I love it so much.

So, when one of my brother's friends reached out to me to create an Easter General Conference page for their primary, I jumped at the opportunity. I thought that I would share it on here, so that everyone can have access to it!

Isn't is so special to have Easter and General Conference on the same day! To focus on our Savior all that He has done for us and what messages He wants to share with us through His prophets.

This is a one page worksheet, so it is super simple to print out and to hand out to the primary children. If you're a grandma you could print it out for your grandkids, or parent's for their own kids. I tried to make it universal, so both big kids and the young ones would be able to use it.

To print the Easter General Conference worksheet out, just click the free download button below:

As I said before, I have so many resources for General Conference on the blog, here are some links to some additional resources:

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