Colorable General Conference Bingo Handout Idea Great for Primary and Youth

Colorable General Conference Bingo Handout Idea Great for Primary and Youth,

General Conference is one of my very most favorite things!! Being able to listen to direction and guidance from the Lord's servant's really is, just the best!! I feel like every age group can listen and come away with something they get out of Conference. We have always tried to make it a family event. We usually are all in the same room, our living room, watching General Conference together.

I know that it can be difficult for little ones, or even teenagers. So I've always liked to provide them with something to do. My current calling is serving in our Ward Primary, I really wanted to give all of our primary children something to get them excited and encourage them to listen to General Conference. I felt like my mission was accomplished on Sunday when I handed them out and the kids were so excited to get them!

I decided to do a small and simple General Conference Bingo. I will also be sending an email out to the families with other resources that they can use. 

So, a little bit about these Bingo cards. The Primary children can use them a couple of different ways. I had attached fruit snacks to the bingo cards, so, they can use the fruit snacks to mark their spaces. When they see or hear the item, they can mark it with a fruit snack. The other option is to color in the spaces when they see or hear the item in the space. It was so funny, because one of the kids said, "Then we can have the fruit snack as our reward". So, yes, then they could just eat the fruit snacks. 

I've made the printable so that there are 4 to a page. I printed them off onto card stock. It is black and white, so it is really easy to copy. 

Click the free download button below, to download and print your cards. 

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