Come, Follow Me 2022 Old Testament Resources and Insights: Exodus 7–13 General Conference edition

 Come, Follow Me 2022 Old Testament Resources and Insights: Exodus 7–13,

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I have loved studying the Old Testament so much so far this year! The discussions I have had with my family, so far have been amazing as well. I think it is because the Old Testament, testifies of Christ. We can bring Him into our discussions.

Last week, we are spent some time in Exodus. We learned about what life is like under the rule of the new Pharaoh and how God remembers his covenant people. We learn about Moses and the divine mission that God has instore for him.

This week, this week Moses and Aaron are going to see Pharaoh. We learn about Pharaoh's hard heart and the 10 plagues that came upon Egypt. How because of the covenant with Israel and that the people of Israel listened to the Lord they were protected from the plagues. 

Throughout this blog post you will find images I create daily, which I am offering as free printables. As well as, insights and links to resources to help with individual, family and even class room study. Remember to check back throughout the week as more printables and resources are added daily.

Day 1:

There is no question in my mind, that the Lord proved through the plagues that He is all powerful.

I found this great article in my preparations to teach this week. It is from the 1980 Ensign. Something, I like about it is how it gives explanation of each one of the plagues & how it likens it to the warnings of the plagues that will come before the second coming.

Something that I thought about was how, the Lord will be with his covenant people in these latter days just as he was with the people of Israel. That just like in their time, there is safety found in listening to and following the teachings of our prophets in these latter days. ♥️♥️♥️ What a great thing to point out in our families & with those we teach, as we are preparing to listen to our prophet, apostles and church leaders this weekend!

Here’s the link to that article:

Day 2:

When I’ve thought about what can help us keep our hearts softened towards the Lord & avoid them becoming hardened, a few things come to mind.

First, the importance of keeping Christ in our lives daily. It begins with having faith! A little while back we talked in some of my classes about, the importance of doing the small and simple things daily. Those small and simple things can have a profound effect on us spiritually. They can help us, to keep our focus on Christ.

Second, GRATITUDE & HUMILITY!! I am a huge advocate of living life with a gratitude attitude. Recognizing that all that we have comes from a loving Heavenly Father, really helps our hearts to be softened to Him and to His will for us. Having humility, means that we are teachable. That we will open up our hearts to the teaching of the Lord.

Third, service. Like gratitude, service can also help to soften our hearts. Especially when we are serving with a heart of love. Service requires selflessness. Thinking of others, caring, having empathy and love.

I’m sure there are many more things that could be added to this list. But I think these, are great to start with & best of all they are things that we can incorporate into our everyday life. ♥️

Here’s the talk that I found this quote in:

Day 3:

I’ve enjoyed learning more about the Passover this week & it’s symbolism in Christ & connection to the sacrament.

When searching the word Passover in Gospel tools, the word Easter from the Bible Dictionary came up. Christ, was crucified during the time of Passover. Before, his death, he participated in the Passover feast & then instituted the sacrament.

Passover was meant to remind Israel & their descendant of Christ. Of the deliverance from bondage from Egypt & how he frees us from spiritual bondage. Christ, the lamb of God, died for us, he sacrificed himself for us. We now partake of the sacrament each week to renew our baptismal covenants and to remember our Savior.

I love the connection between the sacrament & Passover & how both remind us of the love and sacrifice of our Savior!

Here’s the link to the Bible Dictionary:

Day 4:

I remember sitting in sacrament a few months back, really trying to focus on the sacrament prayers and the renewal of my covenants. I remember hearing the word “witness” in both of the prayers. I also remember as the sacrament was passed to me thinking & declaring in my heart and mind, that I do witness that I will take my Savior’s name upon me, always remember him and keep his commandments. I remember just really being touched by the spirit.

Today we talked about the Passover and the Sacrament and how both point us to Christ and His atonement. There is so much symbolism and representation of Christ and his atonement in both. I am so grateful that we are able to partake in this ordinance weekly. That we have that weekly reminder and renewal of our baptismal covenants!

Here is the link to sacrament in the Gospel Topics. There are talks, videos, scriptures and even lessons on this link, it’s an excellent resource!

Day 5:

I have the biggest testimony about listening to and following the prophet! As we have the opportunity to listen to the Lord’s servants the next two days, hopefully we will do so intently.

My life and the life of my family has been blessed because of the counsel and direction from our living prophet.

One way we have been blessed is by listening to the counsel of holding Home centered gospel learning in our home. I feel like it has helped us gather every day. It has helped us to keep Christ and his gospel in our family & I feel like it has helped open doors of communication.

General conference is my favorite time of year, I’m so excited for the next two days ❤️

Here’s the link to “prophets” in the gospel topics. There are talk & lots of resources to go with it.

Day 6:

For this last day, I made images of the quotes from each session of General Conference, I will share them below with my thoughts. As well as a free download. 

What stood out to you this first session of conference? I loved that our Prophet came out first and began conference by reaffirming the importance of the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives & that we each have a role in sharing that gospel with others.

It is something I am passionate about, because I love my Savior and I love his gospel!!! To share it with others really, just brings joy to our life! ♥️

Wasn’t Elder Holland’s talk powerful! He was one that many of my seminary students were excited to listen to & I love that his talk was to our youth.

I think though that his message is important and applicable to us all. We are each loved perfectly by our Heavenly Father! We each have an important part in God’s plan & we are each needed in the body of Christ’s church

How important is it that we recognize the influence and impact we can have on others! Yes, we come to church, youth activities and seminary to strengthen our own testimonies of Christ & His gospel. But how important it is to remember that we also come to share our light with others. Others in the room need our light, no matter how dim we might feel it is, it is a light needed to shine to others!

What a great first to sessions ♥️

Women’s session of General Conference was wonderful! I loved each of the talks 💕

In Sister Craven’s talk, I really liked how she talked about how being a disciple requires effort.

I’ve found this true in my life. To grow spiritually we have to be willing to spend the time and have the desire to invite the spirit into our life. To do those things daily, that bring us closer to the Savior.

I also really loved, Elder Renlund’s talk! I love that he went through the Young Women’s theme. I believe that the most important thing that each of us should really know for ourselves is that we are daughters/sons of Heavenly Parents!! For me, that knowledge has had a profound impact on my life!! It has helped me through trials I’ve faced. It’s helped he form my identity and it has helped me in decisions I’ve made. I actually think that even as adults we should probably repeat those words in our heads often, that we are a daughter or son of Heavenly Parents and that we have a divine nature and purpose 💖

Here’s a link to a summary of Women’s Session:

Wow!! I just feel so uplifted and inspired. I loved each message in each talk. Something that I feel is so important to remember for ourselves and to teach others is about the gift of repentance!

I loved that our prophet, President Nelson spoke of repentance. That repentance is key to progression!!! It is not punishment, it is a gift, given to us, by the Son of God! Repentance reconciles us. I’m so grateful for our Savior and his love for us. Repentance helps us come closer to Christ as we partner with him to change and to become better. It is something we can and should partake of daily. I can go on and on, I’ll just end with this, repentance is full of love. God’s love, Christ’s love, our priesthood leaders’ love and even our love for ourselves & God. ♥️

Here’s the link to President Nelson’s summary of his talk

I loved this message from President Pace! Through spending time, studying the scriptures we can receive personal revelation for our own lives! It is one way our Heavenly Father communicates with us.

I also loved all of the messages this conference about putting Christ first in our lives. Making time for those things of eternal value. We all have the same amount of time in a day. We will find that what is important to us, we will make time for! ♥️

Here are some podcasts that go with this week's study:

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Real Talk

Follow Him Part 1 Part 2

Here are some Lessons and Activities that can go with this week's study, these are great for family discussion and primary!

Lesson and activity to go with the Passover and the Sacrament

Lesson and Activity about the sacrament and the renewal of our covenants

Here's a fun idea to talk about the plagues of Egypt. I did this in seminary. We split into groups and they had to look up and draw the coordinating plagues. There were five groups, so each group did 2 plagues. Then they each taught what they learned with the rest of us. I also, used this article to help with the discussion of each plague: Since God is all-powerful, couldn’t he have freed the Israelites from Egyptian bondage without sending all those plagues?

Then we made paper frogs, to go with the plague of the frogs. We also had races with them. These frogs are made out of 3 by 5 index cards. They can decorate them before or after if they would like. Here are the step to step instructions: Plague of Frogs

You could also check out these great resources from the Red Headed Hostess:

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