Come, Follow Me 2021 Doctrine and Covenants D&C 27-28 Resources and Insights

 Come, Follow Me 2021 Doctrine and Covenants D&C 27-28 Resources and Insights,

Last week, I loved studying about Emma. Her strength and perserverance in all that she went through. I know that our Heavenly Father loves her very much! One of the things I really enjoyed studying was the focus on cleaving to our covenants. I think that a lot of what the Lord said to Emma, applies to us today!

This week, we are learning a little about the sacrament, putting on the armor of God and about our prophets being the mouthpiece for the Lord. 

Throughout this blog post you will find images I create daily, which I am offering as free printables. As well as insights and links to resources to help with individual, family and even class room study. Remember to check back throughout the week as more printables and resources are added daily.

Day 1:

Lately, I’ve been trying to focus on what an important ordinance the sacrament is. It is an ordinance that brings our minds to focus on the Savior.

The Lord says through revelation, “For, behold, I say unto you, that it mattereth not what ye shall eat or what ye shall drink when ye partake of the sacrament, if it so be that ye do it with an eye single to my glory—remembering unto the Father my body which was laid down for you, and my blood which was shed for the remission of your sins.” D&C 27:2. The focus is not on the actual bread or water, but rather the focus is on what they represent and that is our Savior and His atoning sacrifice.
I found the most beautiful talk by Elder David B Haight. He shares such a beautiful and power testimony of the Savior
I encourage you to read it and then ponder on your testimony of the Savior and what the sacrament means to you!!
For me I know the importance of renewing my covenants. I have been so grateful that throughout the pandemic, we have been able to continue to partake of the sacrament! It has been a special experience to be able to do it in our home. I also love being able to gather and partake of the sacrament together at church. In both the thing that makes it sacred is that we are doing so worthily and with and eye single to the Lord and in remembrance of Him.
Here’s the link to the talk:

Day 2:

I love the thought of having a little self examination! What parts of our armor are missing? Or maybe they need to be made stronger. 

I have always loved the idea of putting on the armor of God! We need that protection in our lives, we know that Satan is not holding anything back, especially these days! We need to be ready and prepared to fight off his attacks. 

I found an excellent article that talks about what each of the pieces of armor are and what they do. It would be a great one to read and then do the little self examination! What I love about this life and God’s plan is that it’s all about our improvement. We can always be striving to be better and more like our Savior! We are so blessed to have repentance and the enabling power of Christ’s atonement!! 
Want some fun ideas for youth & kids?!? My kids had a teacher who had them dress up in armor that was labeled with the things of the armor of God, then she took a picture of them dressed in it, framed it & gave it to them. They both have it displayed in their bedrooms. 

Another fun idea was what a stake YW did. They had the girls make cardboard armor and then they threw nerf gun bullets at them (the fiery darts of the adversary). I love talking to the children and youth about what those fiery darts are to them. We discussed that tonight with our kiddos. What things Satan is trying to attack them with. 

I’d love to hear what your discussions on this topic look like with your family! 
Here’s the link to the article: 

Here's a great Podcast: Real Talk

Day 3:

How grateful I am that the Lord clarified who receives revelation for the church, it is the president of the church. At the beginning of the church it was Joseph Smith, current day it is President Nelson. 
Today, while watching the Youth Music Festival, I was so excited when they announced who would be the final guest. I seek the words of the prophets. I know that their words are the Lord’s words. I know that they will not lead us astray. They are the watchmen on the tower, preparing us for things that lie ahead. 

It is why I get so excited for General Conference! I know that I will be spiritually feed and receive the essential guidance I need. 

Here’s a quick little article that talks about this topic from this week’s study: 
Who receives revelation for the Church?

Here are some other great podcasts:

Day 4:

One way that the Savior invites us to come unto Him is through the sacrament. I found a fabulous talk today by John Groberg. In it, he speaks of a women who was unable to partake of the sacrament for a period of time, as part of the repentance process. He said that as time went on her desire to be worthy to partake of the sacrament increase. When she once again was able to partake of the sacrament, she, “truly wanted to have his Spirit. She wanted to take his name upon her. With all her heart, she wanted to remember him and keep his commandments. She wanted to repent, to improve, and to follow the guidance of his Spirit.”
I loved reading this, it inspired me to be even more intentional. To ponder on and understand the significance of the ordnance. To strongly have those “wants”, as stated above. 
I know our Savior loves us and the power of His atonement is extended to all. He is the Savior to all. He desires all to come unto Him ♥️
Here’s that great talk:

Day 5:

How grateful I am that the Heavens are open and God speaks to His children! I’m grateful for a prophet who receives revelation for the church. 
I think throughout this past year I’ve realized truly what a blessing that is! Our family has been blessed by Home Centered Gospel living & ministering ♥️ 
This week we learn that the prophet is who receives revelation for the church. We also learn and have been reminded by our current prophet, that we can receive personal revelation. I love how President Nelson has instructed us to increase our spiritual capacity to receive revelation. Personal revelation has been such a blessing and important part of my life! 
Prayer allows me to communicate with my Father in Heaven and personal revelation is how He communicates with me! Both are so important to me!! 
Here’s a link:

Day 6:

Have you listened to or read the last General Conference talk from our prophet?  
That’s what we did for family study today!! I know that President Nelson receives revelation for the church. I know that he is the mouth piece of the Lord! And as I listened to his talk again, I could feel of the love that he has for each of us!!
I asked my family what they got out of President Nelson’s talk, what things does the Lord want us to know? 
They said, the building of temples, preparing for the Lord’s second coming & “As we build and maintain these temples, we pray that each of you will build and maintain yourself so you can be worthy to enter the holy temple.”
For me, I think President Nelson always points us to the Lord. That the Lord desires us to look to the future with joy, to feel joy even in uncertainty. That joy comes as we realize that our Savior is at the head of our church, that when we keep our covenants then we are choosing to be on his side and receive the blessings that he desires to pour upon us. We can find joy in our Savior, who can help us overcome our challenges. 
I am grateful for a prophet who loves the Lord and is always pointing us towards him!! 
Here’s the last talk from the last General Conference: 

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