Doctrine and Covenants Study Schedule Cards for Come, Follow Me 2021

 Doctrine and Covenants Study Schedule Cards for Come, Follow Me 2021,

Every year since we started with Come, Follow Me, I've made schedule cards to give to the Primary Children and youth. I give these cards to my own kids as well. My middle child really loves these cards, keeps them in his scriptures and always tells us what scriptures we are going to be studying.

We are excited to study the Doctrine and Covenants this year. The Doctrine and Covenants is testament that our Heavenly Father continues to give revelation to living prophets. He loves His children!

The past few years we have used these study schedule cards to give to all of the primary children in our stake when we visited them for the sacrament meeting programs. Of course things are different this year. These study schedule cards would be something great for the Primary teachers to give to each of the class members. It would also be great for Sunday School teachers to give to their class members. Also, what a fun add on to give to you ministering sisters!

I painted the picture of Joseph Smith and thought it would make for a great front for the study schedule cards. I'm so grateful for the Prophet Joseph Smith and all that he did in the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 

To download and print the cards, click the free download links below (Print onto Card Stock and to make even more durable, you can laminate them):

Front of the Study Schedule Cards:

Back of the Study Schedule Cards:

**Note** Every printer prints differently. Please only print one page to begin with to see how the front and back allign. I had some difficulty with my printer, who has a mind of its own and likes to print differently every time it prints. I am offering the printable as a PDF. Also, as a Google Doc. See which one works best on your computer. For best results print onto card stock.

Google Doc Front and Back of Study Schedule Cards:

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