"The Son of God is Born" Digital Watercolor Pass Along Cards and "Jesus Loves You" Pass Along Cards #LightTheWorld

 "The Son of God is Born" Digital Watercolor Pass Along Cards and "Jesus Loves You" Pass Along Cards #LightTheWorld,

Last year, I painted the "The Son of God is Born". I attached them to each of my neighbor gifts. I love focusing on our Savior's birth during Christmas time. I've been contemplating about opening a shop for my paintings. I decided that I would offer some pass along cards for free in the mean time. I'm grateful for all those who support this me and this blog, so I guess consider the pass along card a gift from me to you!

Today's Light the World prompt is "Letters of Light", how can we safely bring holiday cheer to nursing home & assisted living centers. I decided to use these pass along cards for this purpose. My kids also drew some pictures to take to the assisted living center my Nana lives in. 

It has been really hard for them. At my Nana's assisted living center, they have been unable to see and hug their family members. The only way we have been able to see my Nana since March is through a window, she is on a second level. It's lonely and hard for these residents, who at times have been quarantined to their rooms. 

I had a thought come to me at the beginning of December, that something I could do, is get me Nana involved in Light the World, to hopefully bring her some light into her days. I started the first day, which was "Giving Tuesday", by giving her the Light the World calendar and the "Jesus Loves You" pass along cards. I wanted her to be able to participate in giving Tuesday. Each day I have reminded her of the prompts and sent her some ideas of how she can participate. She told me mom how she looks forward to me daily texts. I am so glad I listened to the prompting, to invite her to participate in Light the World. I have seen the light it has brought into he life, during this Christmas Time.

So, today I will be dropping off the "The Son of God is Born" pass along cards. I wrote on the back of each of them and signed them. She will be my helper, in passing them out to the residents to bring some holiday cheer an light into their lives. I'll also be dropping off the drawings my kids did. 

As an extended family we are doing the twelve days of Christmas to my Nana. She has been so happy as each day she is contacted or visited by someone from our extended family. Our day is the 22nd. We are trying to figure out something fun we can do that day for her. Maybe, I can talk my kids into singing to her outside her window, that is a big maybe, especially with my oldest. 

Back to the pass along cards. They could be used as we are using them for and delivered to a nursing home or assisted living center. They could be attached to gifts or included in cards. Or they could be given to complete strangers. I love the idea of writing a message on the back and handing them to however you feel inspired to give them to! You could also give them to primary children, Young Women, or Relief Society or Ministering Sisters! To print, click the free download button below (print onto card stock):

"The Son of God is Born" Pass Along Cards:

"Jesus Loves You" Pass Along Cards:

Here are more of my Digital Water Color Paintings:

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  1. Would you be willing to share "The Son of God is Born" is a bigger size like and 8x10.
    Thanks Anna

    1. Hey thank you for your interest in the bigger size! I'm in the process of setting up a shop, where the bigger sizes will be available.

  2. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing!


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