#StartingToday I Will See The Light: Digital Water Color "Faith in Christ"

 #StartingToday I Will See The Light: Digital Water Color "Faith in Christ",

A few week's ago the women in our stake gathered both virtually and in person for our first Stake's Women's Conference. I can not tell you have good it felt to gather once again as women. The messages were so powerful, so beautiful and were just what so many of us really needed to hear.

As I was listening to one of the talks, I had an image come to my mind and thought that I really wanted to paint a picture of the women with a blood issue who had so much faith, that if she could just touch the robes of the Savior she would be healed. 

This story touches me. We each can have faith in our Savior. Faith that through His atonement we can be healed. Sometimes that healing is emotional or mental healing, sometimes it is a healing from heartache or sorrow, and sometimes it is a physical healing.

As I was pondering over todays, Easter #StartingToday prompt of "I will see the light". Light for me comes from my Savior. His light gives me great hope and warmth.  I think that this picture to me resembles seeing the light. Seeing the goodness of Christ and having that faith in Him.

I decided to offer the digital watercolor as 4 by 6 inch prints. There are three to a page. Print them and share them with a friend or family member. You could even write on the back your testimony of our Savior, maybe how He helps you see light or your faith in Him. If you use these images I'd love to have you tag me @LifesJourneyToPerfection & hashtag #StartingToday.

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