33 Family Home Evenings Focused on FAMILY

I have shared so many Family Home Evening ideas on here, that I thought it would be fun once to twice a month to spotlight some of them.  This month I am going to share some of my favorite Family Home Evenings focused on Family.  Our families are so important to our Heavenly Father's plan, they are central to it.  The thing is, Satan knows this too, so he is trying absolutely everything he can to make family life difficult and in some cases even cause it's destruction.  But because our Heavenly Father loves us and know how essential the family is to His plan, he is always there to help us. Hopefully, some of these FHE's can be used to stress them importance of your families and help to bring strength to it. Some ideas I will share below are ideas that have been used for Primary Sharing Times, these can so easily be used as Family Home Evenings.

Here's the list:

Family Home Evenings about THE FAMILY and Happiness in the family

Family Home Evenings about SERVING our family

(We learn to love each other more and have more peace in our home as we look for ways to serve each other)

Family Home Evenings about Temple Work and Family History

(Do you want protection for your family?  Then, do temple work, work on finding those family members who are waiting and ready for their work to be done. It will strengthen your family relationships and will allow those individuals to watch over and protect your family)

Having Fun as a Family

(Have you ever hear the phrase, "The family who plays together, stays together?" It is true! As we participate in wholesome activities with our family we are making memories and traditions.)

Family Home Evenings on Strengthening the Individual in the Family

Family Home Evenings on Working Together

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