Fun Family Memory Game

This is super easy, super fun, and super cute! 
What is needed-
  • An old cereal box
  • glue (mod podge or glue stick)
  • scrapbook paper
  • pictures
  • a small brad
Okay, so what I did first was got on my computer, found pictures of each of my family members, edited my pictures so they were 2 X 2, I also made them black and white, you could leave them colored or change them to sephia too. Then in my photo editing software, which I downloaded for free here (, made my page 8 1/2 by 11 and arranged my photos on the page making sure I had two of each family member's photo.  I then printed it off on matte photo paper, you could also just print them off on cardstock.  Next I cut out the photos, then I measured the photos and then cut the cereal box to size. I also cut the scrapbook paper to size too.  Then it is time to assemble.  I made sure you couldn't see the writing from the cereal box through my picture (I couldn't by using the matte photo paper, but make sure you check yours), you will want to paste which ever paper (scrapbook or photo) onto the writing side of the cereal box that doesn't have the writing show through, then paste the other onto the other side.  So, you will end up with one side the picture the other side scrapbook paper.  Make sure the scrapbook paper is all the same.  Next you need to make you closure.  I used a scrap of the cereal box. I cut mine so it was 3/4 of an inch wide by 6 inches long.  Your measurements may vary depending on what size your memory cards ended up being and how many cards you made.  What I did to find out how long I needed it was I stacked up all of my cards and then wrapped a measuring tape around it overlapping it by almost an inch, then I cut my cereal box to those measurments. I then glued the cordinating scrapbook paper onto the side with the writing. Then I wrapped it around my stack of cards so it overlapped by about an inch in the front. I put a small brad in the top piece and then I put velcro to secure it closed.  And there you have it a fun, inexpensive game.  Please let me know if this does not make sense or if you need futher instructions.


  1. Cute idea. It's kinda funny I've been trying to think of something else for Jaden and when I was looking at games I thought wouldn't it be neat to make a family memory game since our family lives apart from each other. Wow they do say Great minds think alike. Love ya!!!


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