Family Home Evening: Family History Week 3 (Family Guess Who Game)

Last Family Home evening post was on: One of the requirements in the Faith In God book under the Learning And Living The Gospel Category is to "Prepare a pedigree chart with your name and your parents' and grandparents' names. Prepare a family group record for your family and share a family story. Discuss how performing temple work blesses families."  I decided to do this one more week since there is so much that goes a long with Family History Work.  Here  is a link to week one  and Week Two if you would like to see what we did and get any of the printables.

This can easily be completed as part of a Family Home Evening.  Here is how ours is planned to go:

Family Home Evening on Learning about your heritage and doing family history work.  There is so much to do with this that I am planning on doing it for a couple weeks.  This is week three.

Welcome everyone to Family Night

Sing: "The Heart of The Children" pg 92  Children's Songbook

Have a member of the family member say the prayer

Discuss any family business

Scripture: D&C 2:2 

***Before hand you may want to view the information on Family History Stories and decide what you feel you would like to share with your family***

This Week we are going to focus on Step one and two on "Connect With Your Family"

Start with a fun game of "Family History Guess Who":

This is a super fun game to help each family member learn about their ancestors.

Step two, of the "Connect With Your Family" is to get online on FamilySearch.Org and view your information/family tree.  I did this today and it is so neat!  You just need to sign in and enter you information online.  A lot of my family history information was already in there, even pictures of my ancestors it was neat to see. 

Bear testimonies on the importance of keeping a family history and learning about your heritage.

Close with a Family Prayer.

This FHE Idea is being featured as part of #MyForeverFamily Challenge. For more ideas and to see what the challenge is all about click the following link:


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