July 2013 Sharing Time- Week 2- Family prayer, family scripture study, and family home evening can strengthen my family.

For sharing time in primary this week, I am going to do a little Family Home Evening type lesson to go a long with the topic.

First, I will start by having everyone sing a song.  I have these Happy Family Puppets that I had made a few years back that are on Popsicle/craft sticks.  I would post them on here, but they are not my drawings.  I found some family member pictures over at lds.org that you could print out, color and paste onto sticks. They are a pdf file.  Click here and it will take you there. With these puppets we will sing the song, "A Happy Family" found in the Children's Song book on pg 198.  Then using the printout below. I am going to have a child come up and wrap the wordstip  "Family Prayer" around the sticks of the happy family puppets.  We will then talk about how praying together as a family strengthens our families.  Then another primary child will come up and wrap the word strip "Family Scripture Study" around the sticks. We will then talk about how readying the scriptures together helps to strengthen our families.  Then another primary child will come up and wrap the word strip "Family Home Evening" around the sticks.  Then we will talk about how having family home evening strengthens our families. After they are all wrapped around the sticks, I will show the kids and talk about how those three things "invites the Spirit into our homes and brings us closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus, which makes our families stronger." (Sharing Time Outline pg 14)

Then we are going to play a little game.  I am going to have the kids go fishing. I have some fish that I have put metal paper clips on.  And I have used a long stick (a wood dowel would work too) and attached some string with a magnet at the bottom.  On the fish there are different things that families do together.  You could have the primary children play charades or pictionary with these things.  When they catch their fish they will read what it says on the back and have to either act it out or draw a picture and have everyone else guess.  Here is a printable of some fish:

Here are some ideas of some activities you could have on the back:

- Watch Movies
- Go on Walks or Bike Rides
- Go on Vacation
- Attend Church together
- Read Scriptures together
- Sing Together
- Play sports together
- Go on a Hike
-Visit Relatives
- Do Family History Work
- Serve someone together
- Cook together
- Pray Together
- Do yard work together
- Do house work together

What I am probably going to do is also have the primary child tell us something they enjoy doing with their family.

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