Mommy Monday - Family Home Evening My Gospel Standards

For Family home evenings I thought that it would be a good idea to use the My Gospel Standards found at the back of the Faith In God Booklets.  Tonight we started with the first one,  "I will follow Heavenly Fathers plan for me". We began by singing "I Will Follow Gods Plan" we stopped and talked about the words in the song.  Then we talked about how we lived in Heaven and that Heavenly Father created our spirits.  There was a war in Heaven and we choose to follow Heavenly Father and Jesus, we know this because we are here on Earth and have bodies.  Heavenly Father loves us so much that he sent us to Earth so we could have bodies just like he does. He sent us to families so we could have people to love us and help us here on Earth.  We are here to learn and grow.  To keep our Heavenly Fathers commandments.  We talked about some important ordinances: baptism, temple ordinances and being sealed together as a family.  We also talked about how we want to go to the celestial kingdom.  We ended with having our family prayer.  I used a picture of the pre-existence, Earth and the different degrees of glory.  I think visuals and telling things with some excitement helps to keep the children's attention.

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