LDS Sharing Time Ideas for November 2015 Week 4: When I serve my neighbors, I serve God.

2015 Sharing Time Outline Theme: "I Know My Savior Lives"

November 2015 Sharing Time Topic: When We Serve Others, We Serve God

November 2015 Scripture: “When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God” (Mosiah 2:17).

November Week 4 Topic: When I serve my neighbors, I serve God.


Prayerfully study and think about what the specific needs of your primary are and how you can teach them this doctrine.

Sharing Time Instruction:

Begin Sharing Time by writing the word "NEIGHBOR" on the board. Ask the primary children, "Who is you neighbor?" Allow the children to share their answers and thank them for their participation. Explain that everyone is our neighbor. Hold up the week's theme poster or place it on the board and invite the primary children to read, "When I serve my neighbors, I serve God".

Show this short video: The Old Shoemaker (I think this perfectly shoes that when we serve other's we serve God)

Before primary place the hands, mouths, hearts, and smile faces under chairs in the room.

Explain to the primary children that there are many ways we can serve our neighbors. Under some of their chairs is a paper that represents a body part. Invite the children to look under their chairs. Invite the ones that have the papers to hold them quietly in their laps until it is their turn. Explain that you are going to invite them one at a time to bring up their paper and tell us one way they can serve their neighbor by using that body part.


Hands: Help my neighbor pull weeds, Open a door for someone, Help my teacher pass out papers, Help clean up a walking path, Help mom clean the house, Help dad mow the lawn and pull weeds, Help someone who is hurt, etc.
Mouths: We can speak kind words to others, Give someone a complement, Smile, Talk to someone who is sad, Tell someone thank you, Share the gospel, etc.
Hearts: We can love others, etc.
Smile: Think of ways to make someone else happy, Smile at everyone, Listen to someone, etc

Once they share the thing they can do, invite the primary children to stand-up. Invite them to sing the song, "Fun to Do". They will insert the thing that the primary children said they could do. So for example if the thing was help mom wash dishes, then you would sing, "Helping mom wash dishes is fun to do...." If they would like they could do actions with it also.

Invite the next child to come up and continue until all of the things have been talked about or until time runs out :)

Invite the primary children to think of ways they can serve their neighbors throughout the week and encourage them to do so. Share you testimony on service.

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***Basic ideas for this sharing time came from the 2015 Outline for Sharing Time, you can find a link here: 2015 Outline for Sharing Time

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  1. Oh "Fun to Do" is one of my favorites. Great idea for this sharing time.

  2. Thanks so much! This is great, and I love all the links to other ideas.

  3. So cute! I love the printables! I kinda wish I was in primary again!

    1. Thanks Kendra :) Sometimes I actually use them for FHE's too :)

  4. Heidi.... You are so awesome and talented. Thank -You for sharing!!!! �� Don't know what an old lady like me would do!!!

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