July 2013 Week 3 Sharing Time: The Priesthood Can Bless and Strengthen My Family

This weeks sharing time is "The Priesthood Can Bless and Strengthen My Family". You can find in in the Sharing Time Outline Here.

Here are my free printables for this weeks sharing time:

Begin the sharing time with saying that we are going on an investigation to find something that can bless and strengthen our families. You will then choose one of the most reverent primary kids to come and help you. Give him a magnifying glass (real or you can make one out of card board and plastic wrap). Have him/her search for clue number one. (Oh ya, before primary starts you will need to either hide or put these clues around the room.) When they find clue #1 then read what it says.  Then choose another helper for clue number 2 and so on.  When they have found all clues ask all of the primary children if they know what this thing is? Remind them to raise their hands to give the answer. Hopefully they will say, "The Priesthood".  Then put your word strip "The Priesthood can bless and strengthen my family" up on the board. 

Choose 4 more helpers to come up and hold these pictures.  Discuss each picture with all of the primary children. Explaining why the priesthood is so important and how it can bless and strengthen our families.

Have another child hold a picture of the temple and discuss with the children how important it is that the priesthood authority makes it possible for us to be married and sealed together as eternal families.

Ask the primary children if they would like to share any ways that the priesthood has blessed them and their families.

End by bearing testimony of the importance of the priesthood and how it can bless and strengthen our families.


  1. This is just what I needed, thank you so much!

  2. This is a great example of making the outline lesson substantial enough to fill the time. Thank you for sharing your ideas!


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