LDS Come Follow Me Lesson & Mutual Ideas, June 2014: Priesthood and Priesthood Keys

For June 2015 ideas click here: Come Follow Me: Priesthood and Priesthood Keys

For June 2014 the topic for "Come Follow Me" is,

"Priesthood and Priesthood Keys"

 Here are the links to each organizations page for the month: Young WomenAaronic PriesthoodSunday School

Since, each organization has their own outlines and each lesson will need to be specified to the individual class members and there are already amazing outlines that can be used for guidance, I am only going to share some general ideas.

Here is the Scripture for the month:

The keys of the kingdom of God are committed unto man on the earth” (D&C 65:2).

Lesson Ideas: 
This is a great topic and each organization has a little bit different weekly topics. It is a topic that I think everyone needs to learn and understand correctly.  I think each class would benefit in reading or listening to the General Conference address given by Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, at this past April 2014 Priesthood Session of General Conference. The talk is titled, "The Keys and Authority of the Priesthood".  He gives the best explanation of the priesthood that I have ever heard.  

The below topics and outlines for each topic can be found on Click on the links below to be directed to the webpage.  Here are some additional ideas I wanted to share that could be used for each topic. (These ideas are meant to supplement those ideas that are already provide by the leaders of the church and given in the outlines for each topic)

- What is the Priesthood?: Give each member of the class a copy of Elder Dallin H. Oaks, General Conference talk, "The Keys and Authority of the Priesthood".  Take turns reading it together in class. Discuss what the priesthood is.

- What are my responsibilities in the work of the priesthood?: You could share these two quotes of what some of the prophets of the church have said about the Relief Society Organization, "President Joseph F. Smith, the sixth President of the Church, said, “This organization is divinely made, divinely authorized, divinely instituted, divinely ordained of God to minister for the salvation of the souls of women and of men.” To a group of Relief Society sisters, President Lorenzo Snow, the fifth President of the Church, said: “You have ever been found at the side of the Priesthood, ready to strengthen their hands and to do your part in helping to advance the interests of the kingdom of God; and as you have shared in these labors, so you will most certainly share in the triumph of the work and in the exaltation and glory which the Lord will give to His faithful children.” - Daughters in My Kingdom, Chapter 1. 

- What are the keys of the priesthood?  Share this quote: "Priesthood Keys:
The exercise of priesthood authority in the Church is governed by those who hold priesthood keys (see D&C 65:2; 124:123). Those who hold priesthood keys have the right to preside over and direct the Church within a jurisdiction. For example, a bishop holds priesthood keys that enable him to preside in his ward. Therefore, when a child in that ward is prepared to be baptized, the person baptizing the child must receive authorization from the bishop.

"Jesus Christ holds all the keys of the priesthood. He has given His Apostles the keys that are necessary for governing His Church. Only the senior Apostle, the President of the Church, may use (or authorize another person to use) these keys for governing the entire Church (see D&C 43:1–4; 81:2; 132:7).

"The President of the Church delegates priesthood keys to other priesthood leaders so they can preside in their areas of responsibility. Priesthood keys are bestowed on presidents of temples, missions, stakes, and districts; bishops; branch presidents; and quorum presidents. A person who serves in one of these positions holds the keys only until he is released. Counselors do not receive keys, but they do receive authority and responsibility by calling and assignment." -Priesthood, True to the Faith, (2004), 124–28

An idea might be to cut out a bunch of keys.  Explain that Jesus Christ holds all of the keys. (Show all of the keys)  He gives the Prophet the "keys necessary for governing His Church". We do not have all of the priesthood keys on the earth. (show that the prophet would have some of the keys, which is all of the keys needed to govern the church) The prophet then "delegates priesthood keys to other priesthood leaders so they can preside in their areas of responsibility"  (you could show that a Stake President would hold specific keys to his calling, as a bishop would hold specific keys for his calling)

- How do I receive the power and the blessings of the priesthood in my life? Us the sun printable below and have the young women right a blessing that they have received by having the priesthood in their life. Play the video, "Blessing of the Priesthood

- What does it mean to sustain my church leaders? I love what it says on the outline and I think it would be great to share it with the class: "As members of the Church, we have the opportunity to sustain those the Lord has called to serve. We raise our hand to indicate that we sustain the General Authorities and officers of the Church and each of the leaders in our wards and stakes—including Young Women class presidencies. Sustaining leaders involves more than just a raised hand—it means that we stand behind them, pray for them, accept assignments and callings from them, obey their counsel, and refrain from criticizing them."  Explain that when we sustain leaders we are saying that we will give them support in their calling.  Cut out a paper doll chain (the ones that are connected by their feet and hands to each other) Pass the linked paper doll people around and ask each member of the class to right one way they could support one of the church leaders in their calling.  (ideas: attend Sunday meetings and weekly activities, agree to help out with something if asked, Pray for them in their callings, participate in the lessons and activities, show appreciation, etc) Explain that we are all building the kingdom of God together, the way we do this is by helping each other and giving support to each other's callings.  

- How does worthiness affect priesthood power? (Duty to God)  I really liked this quote at the top by the topic, "Priesthood authority comes through ordination, but priesthood power requires personal righteousness, faithfulness, obedience, and diligence. Even if we receive priesthood authority by the laying on of hands, we will have no priesthood power if we are disobedient, unworthy, or unwilling to serve."  I  think it is important for the young men to understand the difference between being ordained with priesthood authority and being able to use the priesthood power. 

- What is the priesthood? Give each member of the class a copy of Elder Dallin H. Oaks, General Conference talk, "The Keys and Authority of the Priesthood".  Take turns reading it together in class. Discuss what the priesthood is.

- What are the keys of the priesthood? See ideas for topic above under Young Women

- What are my duties as an Aaronic Priesthood holder? Provide each young man with a piece of paper. Ask them to list the duties they have as an Aaronic Priesthood holder.  Take turns reading, "Fulfilling My Duty to God (2010), 23, 46–47, 70–71"  You could also show the video, " Fulfilling your Duty to God" or "Faith in the Priesthood".

- Why should I serve a mission? This would be a great time to invite four people as guest teachers to your room.  One could be a young man who has been preparing and has received his mission call or is close to receiving his call. Another could be a current missionary. Another could be a newly returned missionary and the last could be a person who has been back from his mission for a while (Is married and has kids, maybe even grand-kids)  The one preparing to leave can talk about why he decided to serve a mission.  The current missionary can discuss the knowledge and growth he has and is currently receiving from serving a full-time mission.  The newly return missionary could discuss the experience of serving a mission.  The return missionary the has been home for a while could discuss how serving a mission has helped prepare him for the rest of his life. How is has prepared him to be a righteous husband, father, etc.  Discuss with the young men how it is our responsibility as members of the church to invite everyone to come unto Christ and to learn of his teachings. We do this by serving full-time missions and by being member missionaries.

- What does it mean to sustain my church leaders? See ideas for topic above under Young Women.

- How can I participate effectively in councils of the church? Show the video,  Participate in Councils,” Leadership Training Library.  Invite two ward council members to come and bear their testimonies and share their experiences in regards to ward council. Also invite one of the members of the bishopric to share some ideas of how the youth can participate in councils of the church.

- How do women and priesthood holders work together to build the kingdom of God? An analogy about a team of draft horses could be used in comparison to this topic.  It could be explained that when two horses work together as a team, they can pull a lot more weight than if they were doing it themselves.  It could further be explained that each horse has a specific task as it is pulling the load. When the two horses are yoked together and they each do their specific job then they are able to pull the maximum weight.  The same is true when it comes to women and priesthood holders working together to build the kingdom of God.  Women and priesthood holders each have divinely given gifts and responsibilities. As they yoke together in their work having the common purpose of building the kingdom of God, each of using their gifts to fulfill their tasks or responsibilities then they will be able to accomplish that which Heavenly Father requires of them. The responsibilities and gifts that women and priesthood holders can then be explained.  A good idea would be to read, The Family: A Proclamation to The World

- Why is it important to follow the counsel given by priesthood leaders?  Have the youth picture a narrow pathway, explain that on one side of the path is rapid flowing waters and on the other side of the path is thorny bushes.  Explain that it is dark and they can not see the pathway very well if at all.  But they have someone with them that is leading them along the pathway.  Explain that this person receives instruction and guidance through the Holy Ghost of how to keep them safely on the path and out of the rapid waters and thorny bushes.  He then gives counsel and guidance to them, if they listen carefully and follow the counsel then they will be safe on the the path. But if they choose not to listen and follow the instruction then they will be swept into the rapid waters of sorrow and/or stuck in the thorny bushes of pain.  It can then be explained that Heavenly Father has priesthood leaders ordained and given keys to govern the church and to give counsel and guidance to keep members of the church safe from the sorrow, pain, disappointment and troubles that are lurking in this mortal life. It is important to follow the counsel they give, because it will keep us on that safe path.

- How can using scripture study skills help me learn more about the priesthood? 
Welcome everyone to class and explain that they each are going to be given a test.  Ask them what they usually do to prepare to take a test?  Answers might include that they have to study the materials that they are going to be tested on. They might read and study a text book or notes that they took during class.  Explain that this life is their test. Explain that Heavenly Father knew that the test would be a difficult one, so he gave us material to study to help us be successful with our test.  The material he gave us is the instructions found in the scriptures.  Each day we are to STUDY and PONDER the scriptures.  Ask the class how they study and ponder the scriptures. Then discuss the different resources and ways there are to help them develop good study skills and receive the instruction that Heavenly Father has for them.  Explain that we read the scriptures to receive direction and guidance. 

- How can I use stories to teach others about the priesthood? Begin by sharing a story of how the priesthood has blessed your life.  Explain that as we tell our own stories as well as stories found in the scriptures or given by latter-day prophets, we are able to better teach others about the priesthood.  Have class members think about their favorite children's story. Explain that they probably remember it even though years have passed. Allow class member's to share their stories about the priesthood  or share a favorite scripture story or story given by a prophet.

Idea's for Mutual:
Here is a link to the Youth Activities Planning Site. 

Write letters of appreciation to leaders.  Have stationary, pens and markers available for the youth to right letters to as many leaders at they would like to show appreciation to.  They could also frost cookies and deliver the cookies along with the appreciation letters.

Fireside about priesthood blessings.  Stories and testimonies could be shared about how the priesthood has blessed their lives.  Invite the ward council to come and discuss how the priesthood helps them fulfill their responsibility in each of their callings.

Free Printable:
Printing tip: Click on the image and save to your computer. You will then be able to print the image from your computer.

For previous post of "Come Follow Me" ideas click here.


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