Come, Follow Me 2021 Doctrine and Covenants 76 Resources and Insights

  Come, Follow Me 2021 Doctrine and Covenants 76 Resources and Insights,

Last week, we learned about how to react and respond the critics of the church. We learned a little bit more about bishops and their responsibilities and how we can support them. And we learned about the importance of proclaiming the Lord's gospel and how we will be given opportunities to do so.

This week, we learn about the Plan of Salvation and how our Savior and His atonement is a central part of that plan. Our Heavenly Father loves us and desires us to return to His presence and receive the blessings of eternal life and exaltation. 

Throughout this blog post you will find images I create daily, which I am offering as free printables. As well as insights and links to resources to help with individual, family and even class room study. Remember to check back throughout the week as more printables and resources are added daily.

DAY 1:

My plan was to talk about God’s work & glory, but then I found this quote in a talk I was reading & I couldn’t pass it up. Our Father’s desire is for us to return to Him & I believe He gives us every opportunity to do so.

There is something about this mortal experience. There are so many distractions in this world we live in. So many things that we can get caught up in, and spend our thoughts and time on. This quote has really made me ponder a bit tonight. Are there things in my life that really do not matter in the eternal scheme of things? Are there things of eternal consequence that I’m not doing, that I can start doing? How is my time best spent? A few things come to my mind…

1st- The two great commandments are to love God with all our heart, might, mind and strength and to love others. Is God the most important thing in our life? What are we doing each day to show our love for Him and our love for others?

2nd- in our baptismal covenant we promise to take Christ’s name upon us and to remember Him always. One way to do this is to partake of His atonement and repent daily. Another way is following His example, developing Christlike attributes and striving to know Him and to become more like Him.

3rd- are we doing the basic things every day that help us to have the spirit as our constant companion? Are we speaking to our Heavenly Father in prayer each day? Are we spending time in the scriptures, seeking answers and inspiration? Do we make time for the temple? I know for me there are somethings that I need to work on. The most important thing is to not become overwhelmed! Because sometimes when we are overwhelmed, then we freeze like a deer caught in headlights. I know that our Heavenly Father will help us to know what He would have us work on, we just need to ask Him, listen and act 😊♥️

Here’s the link to the talk I found the quote in:

Day 2:

I loved this article, by Elder Christofferson! It kind of goes along with what we talked about yesterday, with filling our life with what matters. He talks about how to make Christ our central focus.

Here’s a quote from it, it’s kind of long, but it’s so good: “We could begin by stripping everything out of our lives and then putting it back together in priority order with the Savior at the center. We would first put in place the things that make it possible always to remember Him—frequent prayer, studying and pondering the scriptures, thoughtful study of apostolic teachings, weekly preparation to partake of the sacrament worthily, Sunday worship, recording and remembering what the Spirit and experience teach us about discipleship. There may be other things that will come to your mind particularly suited to you at this point in your life. Once adequate time and means for these matters, for centering our lives in Christ, have been put in place, we can begin to add other responsibilities and things of value insofar as time and resources will permit, such as education, family responsibilities, and personal avocations. In this way the essential will not be crowded out of our lives by the merely good, and things of lesser value will take a lower priority or fall away altogether.”

I love our Savior, I am so grateful for all He does for us! I know that we will find peace in our lives as we keep Him as our focus!

Here’s the link to that article: 

Day 3:

Something that stood out to me was that the Lord commanded Joseph to write what he saw about Satan.

I think that it is important that we recognize that Satan is real. That he has waged war against God’s plan and God’s children ever since the pre-existence. It’s important for us to know this, so we can be prepared. So we understand how essential it is that we set our focus on the Savior. Focusing on Him, helps us to have the spirit with us, who warns us of the assaults of the adversary!

What things do you do to help fortify your home and family against the adversary?

Day 4:

Tonight, I asked a couple questions to my kids. I think these questions are so great to ponder on. 1st, what is your relationship to God? 2nd, How does God feel about you?

As I asked these questions and thought about them myself, I felt of my Heavenly Fathers love. Here’s my thoughts on the two questions.

1st, my relationship to God is that I am His spiritual daughter. He is my Heavenly Father. When I talk about Him and when I pray to Him I call Him, Father.

2nd, I know that He loves me. I have felt of that love so surely and often. Every time I pray to Him I feel of His love. I know He has that same love for each of His children. I know that He truly desires each of us to return to Him. He desires our happiness.

I love the quote by Elder Uchtdorf, because I know it’s true. He is our Father and loves us as such. ♥️♥️

I’d love for you to share your thoughts on those two questions!

Here’s the link to the talk:

Day 5:

If you want to be uplifted, I suggest you read Elder Cornish’s talk! It’s an amazing pep talk for returning to our Heavenly Father’s presence & receiving exaltation.

We were discussing this as a family, whether we feel like we are good enough. I think it can be easy to become overwhelmed, worry and feel discouraged, when you focus on all the areas you fall short in. But as I pointed out to my family, the Lord desires our effort. He wants to see that we are trying to progress, that we are partaking of His atonement and focusing on Him. I truly believe that if our focus is on the Savior, then we will surely “make it” and “be good enough”. I see my Heavenly Father as loving and merciful. He provides every opportunity for us to return to Him. Faith and repentance is the key. To remain faithful and strengthen our testimonies and to continue to repent ♥️ and of course make and keep our covenants ♥️

Here’s that link to the talk: 

Day 6:

I loved the talk I shared yesterday so much, that I am sharing another quote from it today! What I love about this is, that I truly believe that our Heavenly Father desires to help us achieve exaltation!!

We can pray to Him, to help us work on the things we need to work on, help us to keep our covenants, help us to focus more on our Savior. Help us to know how He feels about us, ask Him, how we are doing & what we can do better at. He is our Father, He loves us and He will give us inspiration and guidance.

As we ended our family discussion tonight, I played one of my favorite songs by the @thebonnerfamilymusic “I am a Child of God”. I felt it went so well with our discussions this week! We are a child of God, He loves us, & He is always there for us!! ♥️♥️

Here’s the link to the talk again:
Am I Good Enough? Will I Make It?

Here’s the link to that song: 

Here are some activities and lessons that could go with this week's study:

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