{Ultimate List} of LDS Sharing Time ideas for November 2017: I Can Choose to Be a Missionary Now

Want a one stop place for the Ultimate list of LDS Primary Sharing Time Ideas for Novermber?? Look no further!!

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Here is the link to the 2017 November's Sharing Time Outline

November's Month Theme and Scripture:

I Can Choose to Be a Missionary Now

“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15).
 Your Choice, or Practice songs for Program

***Remember I will be adding more throughout the month as other bloggers post their stuff, so keep checking back. Also, I am now also posting ideas from some sites that are for purchase, if they are for purchase they will be noted with a "$$" next to it.***

(If there is no link that means the idea has not been posted yet, check back later)

November Week 1: I can be a missionary by serving others.

November Week 2: I can be a missionary by setting a good example.

November Week 3: I can teach my friends about Jesus Christ and His Church.

November Week 4: I can prepare now to serve a full-time mission.


Thanks for stopping by!! I hope that you found this page useful in helping find ideas to plan your sharing times!! Just remember, you have been set apart for your calling. Your Heavenly Father will help you know what is best for your specific primary ;)  If you'd like more ideas be sure to follow me on FacebookInstagram and of course Pinterest!


  1. I absolutely love your site and the sharing time ideas. I love how your ideas go along with the ones in the sharing time outline and use bits and pieces (or a lot of bits and pieces...LOL) and then add in my own twists and takes on things to have wonderful sharing time ideas.

    I've been looking for some help for November Week 2, but I can't find anything on your site to help me with being a missionary by being a good example, as I feel I need to add something more to what is in the outline. Basically, I'm stumped. Will you be posting anything for Week 2 within a day or two? Or direct me to it, since I can't seem to find it?

    Thank you again for everything you do. You are truly inspired.


    1. Yes Margaret :) Thanks so much for your comment! I will be sharing week 2's ideas tomorrow. I have it all written, I am just finishing up some printables. It should be all done tomorrow though. Thank you so much!!

    2. Awesome! Can't wait! :) I did find a song "Our Time to Shine" that has an awesome video at lds.org and I think it would be great to play that song and talk about Esther, Nephi, Abish, and Moroni from the scriptures and how they were being missionaries by their examples. Was also thinking about emailing the parents (as we have a group email) and asking them how they have seen their children being good examples (since I don't always see the children to know when they have been a good example like mentioned in the outline) and see if I get any responses and then share some of those responses without mentioning names... Just a couple of ideas I came up with since messaging you. Can't wait to see what else you have to help me and spark more ideas! :) Love your site and tell people about how wonderful it is! :) -Margaret

  2. I see November week 1 and 2 then is says October week 3 and 4. Is that a typo?


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