October Primary Sharing Time Week# 2- Living the Gospel helps me to be a Missionary now.

Display the printable: "Living the gospel helps me be a missionary now".  Have the children repeat it with you.

Tell them the story found in the Primary 2 manual pg 52:
"One day two missionaries knocked on the door of a home. A woman named Mrs. James opened the door. The missionaries told her they were from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Mrs. James invited the missionaries in and told them she would like to learn more about the Church. This made the missionaries very happy.
Mrs. James told the missionaries that she used to live next door to a family that belonged to the Church. She said the children in that family were always very polite and kind. They played fairly with everyone and treated other people’s property with respect. Mrs. James said she would like to learn about a church that taught those children to be such nice neighbors."
Explain that we never know who is watching us and how our actions will affect others.  That when we live the gospel, those things we believe in and know to be true, then we are being good examples.

Cut out the "My Gospel Standards" from the printable.  Lay them face down on the ground.  Tell the kids that you have some standards that we can live by every day that will help us be great missionaries right NOW.  Have the children toss a bean bag and try to land on one of the papers.  What ever paper they land on, read that gospel standard and ask the children what it means and what they can do to live it.  Continue until all gospel standards have been read and talked about.  
Ask the children to think of one of the "My Gospel Standards" that they can work on this week.  Challenge them to choose one each week to work on.
Bear your testimony that if we live the gospel every day that we will have a positive effect in other peoples lives. And we will make our Heavenly Father happy.

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