Halloween Craft #7: Toilet Paper Pumpkins

This has to be one of the easiest crafts!  Definitely one that the kiddos can do.

What you need:
A roll of toilet paper (this is going to be your form and batting for the pumpkin)
Fabric cut to a 17 x 17 inch square for the pumpkin body
fabric scraps/strips for the leaves
Cinnamon sticks or a stick or dowel for the stem
Hot glue

What to do:
First cut your fabric into a square
Next place your toilet paper into the middle of the square and bring up the corners tucking them into the hole  in the top of the toilet paper roll.
Then lay your strips of fabric(mine are green) across the top. They make an x on top.
Now  place your stem on top of the green fabric and push inside of the hole. Secure with hot glue (this will need to be done by an adult).
Lastly Tie your raffia in a bow around your stem.  

Happy Pumpkin Day!

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