Five Things You Need to Add to Your Family's Christmas Tradition

Check out the list below of  Things You Need to Add to Your Family's Christmas Tradition,

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Christmas is such a special time of year. People seem to be a little bit kinder, their hearts more open to giving. In our home we like to focus more on the Savior and his birth.  There are certain traditions we have made as a family that help us do this.

Here is our Family's List of things you need to add to your family's Christmas tradition,

We like to begin the Christmas season with some sort of countdown. This gets my kids excited as well as, helps them focus on the Savior and service.

This year we are trying a new countdown idea, "The Little Lamb From Bethlehem". I think it is a genius idea to being focus to the Savior. Here is my post about it, "How to Make the Little Lamb from Bethlehem a Part of Your Family Christmas Tradition"

Here are some other countdown ideas...

Another tradition that has followed me since I was a little girl, is Christmas music!  Every morning of Christmas my dad would put on some Christmas music on his stereo, turn on the Christmas tree lights, and set up the video camera, before we could come down.  

Finding good Christmas music has been my goal each year, my own little family does the same, with playing Christmas music Christmas morning, we also enjoy listening to it all month. I was given the opportunity to review this new CD by, Garth Smith, titled, "A Sacred Christmas". 

I met Garth at a Stake Women's Conference. He plays the piano so magically. I was excited to receive one of his CD's and have to say, that it should be added to your Christmas music library. It is so beautiful and I love that with some of the songs he collaborated and features other talented artist.

You can order the CD here...

3. ITunes/Amazon/Spotify

Do you have a Nativity that you just love??? When I was in Young Womens as a youth one of my young women leaders gave me a beautiful white nativity. It is seriously one of my prized possessions that mean so much to me. I love getting it out every Christmas. Nativities are something that can help us remember the birth of our Savior. 

Here is a fun guest post I did about nativity traditions: Nativities: A Christmas Tradition 

Are you a visual person??? Every year we love to watch the Christ Centered Christmas videos found on We will watch them for Family Home Evenings, sometimes in the morning before school and any other time I feel like we could use them.  They are such an amazing resource that are available to all of us!

Here are a list of my favorites...

Family.... spending lots of fun time with family is another MUST tradition. Whether is Christmas parties, Family Home Evenings, Looking at Christmas Lights, decorating the Christmas tree, or watching Christmas movies, family is where its at!!

I'd love to here what some of you family Christmas traditions are, share them below!!

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