Temple Service Cards, Great for Family, Youth or Primary Service Activity

 Temple Service Cards, Great for Family, Youth or Primary Service Activity,

Years ago, when I was serving in Young Women's we did a combined Young Women & Young Men activity. It was a Random Acts of Kindness Race. One of the items each group needed to do was go to the temple, wash some windows and leave a card. It is one of the many service activities that I remember. 

So, when I was contacted by someone saying they were going to go to the temple and wash windows of those in the temple serving and they asked if I had a handout that could go with their primary activity, I was excited to make one. 

I found this great quote by President Monson that I added to the handout. Serving in the temple, thinking of the temple and being near the temple helps our faith grow and our lives reflect our faith.

This handout could be used as a family activity, as a youth group or a primary activity group activity. You could wash windows of cars in the temple parking lot and place the handout on the windshield. Or you could give the handout to your ward's temple prep instructors. You could use it on it's own or include it into a Random Acts of Kindness Activity. 

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