Young Women Temple Activity Idea

Want some ideas for a fun Young Women Temple Activity Idea, read on....

This post was sponsored. I received the temple passports to review them. Opinions are 100% my own. See the full disclosure.

This year our Beehive class has made a goal of being in the Temple more. So we decided that every other month for our Personal Progress activity we would be visiting the temple to do baptisms for the dead.
To kick off this year, we had a fun temple activity. I thought I would share with you what we did at the activity.

To begin our activity I gave each of our young women there own Utah Temple Passport. I got these temple passports from Cedar Fort Publishing at an influencer event. You can purchase them from Deseret Book or Seagull Book. 

Or I found another option on Pinterest, if you would like to make your own temple passports. Here is the link: Temple Passport Activity

I had the girls write their names in the books and we talked about how they could write their feelings and testimonies in them when they visited the temple. I love that it has all 17 temples, some information about each one and the spot to take notes or journal.

Then we played a little Utah temple trivia game. I made this papers (see download below) and a little game on my Ipad. To make the game I downloaded temple pictures from Then using an app called LiveCollage I added numbers to each picture. This just helped so the girls could know what numbers we were on. After all the numbered temples, then I made the answers and just using the same app, typed in the names of the temples on each one.

To play the trivia game I showed each picture of the temple and had the girls guess which temple it was, I did let them use their temple passports to help them guess. 

After showing each temple, I then showed them the temples with the answers on them. It really was such a fun little game and to hear their excitement when they knew the temple because they had been there. 

After playing the game, we talked about how temples are sacred and the opportunities they have to serve. We discussed they new opportunities they as young women have to serve in the temples too

We then read a couple neat stories from the book "Holy Places: True Stories of Faith and Miracles from Latter-Day Temples" (I had borrowed this from my mom) 

What I loved about this activity was the strong spirit that was felt as we shared stories and spoke of these beautiful houses of the Lord. 

 Here is a link to an amazing page about temples: Temples

After we talked about the temple, we played a game that the girls loved!! It is called Seek Whence (I also borrowed this from my mom) But here is where you can get it: Deseret Book or Seagull Book

Another idea if you don't have access to the game you could make Temple Blocks and fill out Temple Goal sheets. Here is the link to how to make the temple blocks:   Press Forward Temple Blocks and Temple Goals Activity and Printables: Young Women Activity

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