A Fun Hashtag Printable to Go with Hash browns: Great for Ministering

 A Fun Hashtag Printable to Go with Hash browns: Great for Ministering

My mom contacted me the other day and said that she could get me a bunch of these boxes of hash browns. So of course I jumped on it, because they are great for food storage and a great idea to give to neighbors and ministering families & sisters. 

So, I sat and tried to come up with a tag to go with them. What I came up with was replacing hash browns with hashtags. Then I tried to make it somewhat rhyme. I felt that the message that I really wanted to portray with it, is the importance of focusing on and remembering the Savior in all that we do! I know that the Savior should be our constant focus. As we strengthen our relationship with Him, our testimonies will be strengthened and it will be much easier to stay on the right path. Our Savior is everything!

Everyone, that I dropped these off to, were so grateful and thought they are such a great idea! If you can't find the dried hash brown containers you could attach them to the freezer kind as well. But the dried ones are just supper handy and could go towards their food storage. I think that most grocery stores sell them. Doing a quick search, I found some on Walmart's website, Smiths & even Amazon.

To attach the tags, I just tied some tulle around the containers, punched a whole in the tag and strung it through and tied it on. I had also written a personalized message on the back of the tag. Click the free download button below to print the tags.

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