Ministering Ideas and Tag Printable: Dropping by Some Encouragement

 Ministering Ideas and Tag Printable: Dropping by Some Encouragement,

I have found when I have something to drop off to my ministering sisters, then I am more likely to go and do a visit. Also, its a way to get my husband and sons to go visit there ministering families. 

I had bought these yummy mint cookies, that we love to eat with our smores. I just needed to come up with a sang to go with it! That's when I thought of encouragement and I wanted to put a great quote from our prophet on it. I feel like that is our prophet's focus! He is always trying to encourage us! So here it is!

Click the Free Download button below to download and print the tag. For best results print onto card stock:

I tied some tulle around the cookies and attached the tag, by hole punching the corner and attaching it with bakers twine. They turned out so cute and I am excited to give them to my ministering sisters! That they might find encouragement in our prophet's message and who doesn't love a yummy treat!

Here are some other fun ministering ideas:

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