Spiritual Gifts and the Roles of the Holy Ghost Lesson Outline and Printable

Spiritual Gifts and the Roles of the Holy Ghost Lesson Outline and Printable,

Two of my sons were asked to do this lesson this Sunday for the quorums. We are going back to in person second hour meetings for the first time in a year. So, I quickly came up with a lesson outline and a printable that they could use. I thought I would share it on here, incase anyone needed some last minute help. It would also work great for a family Come, Follow Me lesson/discussion. The printable could also be used for primary. Here is the link to the Youth Come, Follow Me lesson, which we formulated the outline from.

Here is the link to the lesson outline:

The writing in the red is what the teacher will say, the black is what the class will discuss. I've included links to a video and also to a great resource that explains the spiritual gifts. You can give the below printable to the class members, before you start discussing the spiritual gifts. Then they can write on it what gifts they think they might have. Or any other impressions they receive from the lesson. They can also write on the back of the paper their impressions and thoughts about the Roles of the Holy Ghost. If you would like the lesson in pdf format, so you can just read it off of you phone, just download as a pdf or email it as a pdf to your email. Let me know if you have any questions.

Click the button below to download and print the Spiritual Gifts printable (there are four to a page)

I hope that these ideas were helpful! Here is the link to this week's Come, Follow Me resources:

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