Spreading Sunshine PTSA Student Rep Week Ideas

Spreading Sunshine PTSA Student Rep Week Ideas,

In February, we decided to do a Spreading Sunshine week, sponsored by our High School PTSA Student Representatives. I love the idea on focusing on spreading light within our schools, especially our high schools and junior high schools. 

Our Spreading Sunshine week was a focus on positivity. Inviting positivity into our own lives and spreading it to the lives of others. We had a theme each day for the students, with ideas of things they could do. It happened to be a short week, so we only had four days of activities.

Tuesday, was our kickoff. We had a table in the commons during both lunches. On the table were positive messages. We had a handout for the students. It was a piece of gum, that said, "Chews" to Spread Sunshine. During the second lunch I went around the tables and gave the gum to the students, inviting them to be positive throughout the week and spread sunshine. It was so fun visiting with the kids!

Wednesday, was Spread Sunshine on Social Media. On Social Media we invited the students to Post their favorite uplifting or positive quotes. They could tag or DM the school's Instagram or Facebook page. This was probably my very favorite!! The uplifting quotes that they shared were then posted on our Facebook and Instagram page. I loved seeing the messages that these students posted, they were so wonderful and uplifted my day.

Thursday, was Spread Sunshine, look for the uplifting posters in the halls. Focus on giving compliments to others throughout the day. I had made some quote posters and I found some online. Click the FREE PRINTABLE TAB towards the bottom of this post for the posters that I created. I will also link to the other posters that I found on other websites.

Friday, was Spread Sunshine by showing appreciation to your teachers. At our school we have something that is called the Above and Beyond award. Students and parents can fill out a form, either online or a paper form, to nominate a teacher or faculty member for the award. Each month from these nominations a person is chosen for the award. All, nominees receive a small gift & they get what was said in their nomination form. The person who receives the award, received something a little bit bigger. On this day we encouraged our students to fill out these form, or they could express appreciation to their teachers some other way.

The feedback from the students and the faculty was that they really enjoyed this week. The uplifting quotes on social media was definitely a favorite and such a great thing that designated with the students and easy to do. 

I'm sharing the printable posters that I made that we put around the school.

Here are the links to the other posters I found, printed out and used as well:

"Nothing can dim the light that shines within"

"Be Kind" "Do Good" Posters

"Change your thoughts and you change the world"

Let me know if you have any questions at all. The student really enjoyed this week and we received great feedback from administration. 

Remember to check back throughout the week. You could also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

Here are some other fun ideas for the PTSA Student Reps:

Here's another fun activity that we just did with our Junior High PTSA Student Reps, Twinkies and Thank Yous:

These Kindness Punch Cards were a hit!

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