Say, "Thank You" With These Fun Colorable Cards: Great for School Groups and Church Groups

 Say, "Thank You" With These Fun Colorable Cards,

For the past few years I have been over our PTSA Student Reps at the junior high and high school. Which, means each month I get to help plan activities to help the kids be involved and make their school and community a better place. Basically, to spread goodness. For April, at the junior high we just did an activity that I labeled, Twinkies and Thank Yous. For the activity I made these thank you cards. They really could be used in so many circumstances. Print them off just to have on hand, use them in the class setting, use them for a family activity, for a church activity or for a school group.

For our activity, I brought Twinkies, because lets face it, kids like treats! Then, we had the kids write thank you notes. They could choose any faculty member to write the card to and then we asked that they give it to the person they wrote it to. I might have done this differently if I was to do it again. I didn't know that they kids would be so resistant to giving their thank yous personally. So, many commented about whether we could just deliver them. So, if I was to do it again, I might just go ahead and gather them and deliver them to the teachers boxes, so we can make sure they receive them. I just really wanted it to come from the kids. 

On a side note, why is it hard to say, "Thank You"?? It's been interesting to ponder on this a little bit after this activity. Even my own son was resistant in giving a card to one of his teachers. Is it embarrassment? Hmm... maybe something we need to focus more on. Showing appreciation and giving out thank yous more often!

Okay, so here are the card designs. They are colorable, which makes it a great activity. You could use markers, colored pencils, crayons or watercolors. For best results print out onto card stock.

This one is probably my favorite! I love the cactuses! I colored one on my ipad and added a little pink flower on the top of the cactus on the right. What I love about colorable cards, is that they can be so personalized! Click the Free download button below for this card.

Flowers and thank yous go hand in hand! What color would you color your flower? Click the free download button below for this card.

I loved this rainbow one too! This was the card that most of the kids chose to color. It was fun how different each of them colored it! Click the free download below for this card.

Bus drivers need thank yous too! Actually this card could be used for anyone related to school! But really, let's talk about those bus drivers! I don't know how they do it!! They really need to be thanked!
Click the free download button below for this card.

What else comes to your mind when you think about school? Pencils!! Lots and lots of pencils! My kids go though pencils like crazy. This one is simple but fun! Click the free download button below for this card.

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