Come, Follow Me 2021 Doctrine and Covenants 51–57 Resources and Insights

 Come, Follow Me 2021 Doctrine and Covenants 51–57 Resources and Insights,

Last week, we learned about the revelation given to Joseph, for Sidney Rigdon, Parley Pratt and Leman Copley to take to the Shakers. In that revelation some important gospel principles are reiterated. Including the importance of baptism and eternal marriage. Also, that that Lord would come to the earth again. There was also revelation directed to how to tell if one is being influenced by the Holy Ghost. I loved the scripture that talked about light! The Holy Ghost is light, he enlightens our minds, edifies us, and warms our souls. 

This week we are learning about being good stewards over the things our Father has given us, including living a consecrated life. We also learn about how to not be deceived, how to overcome being hurt by others and how being pure in heart will bring blessings into our life.

Throughout this blog post you will find images I create daily, which I am offering as free printables. As well as insights and links to resources to help with individual, family and even class room study. Remember to check back throughout the week as more printables and resources are added daily.

Day 1:

When I started reading D&C 51 today, the phrase, “organize this people” according to the Lord’s laws. So, I looked it up and one thing that popped up is “Providing in the Lord’s Way”. Do you know what I love about that? I love that the Lord’s way is for us to be self-reliant, so we will be better able to serve the Lord and serve others. It says, “As disciples of Christ, we should give of ourselves— our time, talents, and resources—to care for those in need. We are better able to fulfill this responsibility if we are striving to become self-reliant, for we cannot give what we do not have. When we wisely use those things that the Lord gives us, we become more able to give to the Lord’s work and provide for others.”

I also loved this quote, “He gives freely and with a true spirit of love, recognizing that his Heavenly Father is the source of all his blessings and that he is responsible to use those blessings in the service of others.”

The key really is for us to remember that all of our blessings come from our Heavenly Father. As we use them to serve Him and others, I believe we receive even more blessings.

As I was reading, the word “welfare” took on greater meaning, when it is done in the Lord’s way. It says, “The Church is organized to help all members become more self-reliant and provide for the poor and needy in the Lord’s way. The Lord’s way embraces welfare. Welfare means temporal and spiritual well-being. As we apply welfare principles in our lives, we become more like God the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ, and we prepare ourselves to live with them eternally.”

Have you ever read from this before, it’s an excellent resource to better understand self-reliance and providing in the Lord’s way.

Here’s the link:

Day 2:

How do we discern false messages and detect the adversary? By the spirit! And to have the spirit with us, we need to be living worthy of his influence!

When I was a youth, we had a ward conference, where we were in the mountains, they blind folded us and then we each grabbed onto a rope. I remember holding tight to the rope. Along the way were things that tried to get us to let go of the rope. There was one point, when I distinctly heard a few of my friends voices trying to get me to let go and come with them. Which was really weird, because in reality it could not have been them. I remained on the rope until the end when a beautifully lit tree on a mountain hill, welcomed us. It was an experience I will never forget. Also a lesson, that in our world there are voices, often convincing ones, that are trying to deceive us away from the gospel path. Sometimes they might even be voices of family members or friends. But, we can remain firmly on the path, that leads to eternal life with our Father, by listen to the still small voice of the spirit, and by keeping our Father’s commandments and submit ourselves to His will.

Here’s an excellent talk you could include in your study:

What things stand out to you? How do you overcome the deceptions of the adversary?

Day 3:

Part of mortality is that somewhere along the way we will experience trials. The key is what we do when we are faced with those trials. The Lord said in D&C 54:10, “be patient in tribulation until I come”. 

The other day I was thinking about the trials that I have faced throughout my life. Getting glasses as a 2nd grader, to some might seem like a blessing to be able to see, but for me, it was a big trial. I remember being so upset that I threw my glasses across the room. My poor eyesight is a trial I have had to endure with patience my whole life. 

A big trial was losing my Papa (grandpa), who I was very close to when I was in 5th grade. Throughout my life I have missed his earthly presence, but I’m sure he has been with me along the way. There are many trials, that someday I may share, they are still tender in my heart. 

The thing about trials, is that when we are experiencing them, they can overcome our thoughts, they can be the biggest things in our lives. Often times they will pass. Sometimes, they will be life long and we will have to endure them with patience. But we know that mortality is just a blip in our eternal journey. One day all will be made right and all will make sense. For now we can partake of our Savior’s atonement and lean upon Him. 

It is also important to be mindful that not all trials are made public, often times, people are struggling and trying to endure their trials in private. It is why, mercy, grace and understanding are so important. It’s so important to just love each other! 

Here’s a great talk: 

Ponder on your afflictions, what has helped you to endure them with patience? 

Day 4:

What a great description of the pure in heart! The pure in heart recognizes what is of eternal value. They use their time, talents & resources to help build our Father’s kingdom. They serve with love and delight in serving others.

Studying quotes and scriptures like this is great, because it helps us to reflect on our own heart. ♥️♥️

Here’s an excellent talk:

Day 5:

How much is one’s integrity worth?! Priceless!! In D&C 51:9 it says, “let every man deal ​​​honestly”. In our 13th Article of Faith it states, “We believe in being honest, true...” Why is honesty and integrity so important? Because we want to be trustworthy ♥️

It is disappointing sometimes, what some will jeopardize their integrity for. I’ve seen kids at school jeopardize it over a piece of candy or a bottle of pop, trying to slip extra names into a drawing. It may seem trivial, but if we are willing to be dishonest over something small, what else might we be tempted to be dishonest over? Does that invite others to feel like they can trust us? I’m sure there have been times where I might have been disappointed in myself.

I’m so grateful that we are not condemned by our mistakes. That we have a loving Savior, who offered himself, that we might repent and be forgiven. That we can make things right and strive to live a life of integrity and honor. ♥️♥️

Here’s a link to an excellent talk:

I debated leaving off the last part of the quote, but ultimately, went with her full quote. There is selflessness in using our gifts in the Lord’s work & we are blessed for doing so. You really need to read the story about Sister Ruth Funk attached to this quote. Here’s the link: 

I have found that when I use my gifts, talent and abilities to do my Father’s work and build His kingdom, my talents & gifts & abilities are magnified. I feel more inspired and find joy in doing it.

I’ve been asked by my hubby why I don’t posts things or gear my blog around things that would earn more money, and I guess my answer is as simple as, this is what fits me, this is what I’m good at. Sharing insights & lessons about the gospel & incorporating my art with it, hopefully uplifts and inspires others as doing it, uplifts and inspires me.

We each have different gifts, talents and natural abilities, isn’t that SO WONDERFUL!! We are each needed to use them to build God’s kingdom. I have a friend who has this natural ability to just love. To love fiercely! I have seen her use this gift in her callings and it is inspiring. Another friend is amazingly gifted in music! Her music has uplifted and inspired those who have sung and listened to it. I love that each of our gifts are important to our Father’s work ♥️♥️

What gift have you seen someone else use to further our Father’s work? What gifts have you used? What gifts could you better use?
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Fun lesson and activity about being honest, which goes with being a good steward

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