A Fun Graduation Gift Idea and Printable: Graduation Hat Jars

 A Fun Graduation Gift Idea and Printable,

This year, my nephew is graduating from High School, he's the first one, so it's pretty exciting. I also, have a bunch of girls that were my Young Women a few years back that are graduating as well. So I wanted to do a little something for them.

When I was at the dollar store I found these beautiful glass containers. I picked up some chocolate kisses and some red embroidery floss at Walmart. I already had the black pin and the black card stock at home.

I loved the fun saying, "Kiss High School Goodbye". So, I made a printable and turned it into a card that I could write a message in for each of them. Graduating High School is such an exciting time!! The future is wide open with so many possibilities! 

I thought I'd share how I made the hats to go on the jars and share the printable as well. Sorry I didn't take step by step pictures. Let me know if you have any questions.

Here is what you will need:

- A Container to put the chocolate kisses in

- Black card stock paper

- Chocolate Kisses

- Embroidery floss, the color of the school graduating from

- A back bead (I actually used a black push pin and removed the pin part from it with wire cutters)

- Double sided tape

- Hot glue gun and glue

- Kiss High School Goodbye printable

- Glue Stick

- Ribbon or something to tie the card on with

How to make the paper Graduation Hat:

First you will need to measure the circumference of the top of the jar. My jars were a little bit wider so I went a little thicker with the band. My jars measured: 12 1/4 inches. So I cut my band to be 13 inches, so I would have some overlap. Because my jars were so wide, I had to cut two pieces and overlap, because by paper was only 11 inches. The width of my band I did at 1 3/4 inch. I secured the ends together by overlapping and securing with double sided tape.

Next, for the top hat, I measured the diameter of the lid. Mine measured 3 3/4 inches. I wanted my top of my hat to over hang on all of the sides. So I cut it to be a 5 1/2 inch square. Which was perfect. I did one at 6 inches and it was a little bit too big. It looked fine, but it just made the whole thing look big.

To connect the band to the hat, I just applied glue from a hot glue gun along the top edge of the band, the whole circumference, then I placed it onto the 5 1/2 inch paper. I could have measured to make it perfect, but I just eye balled it. 

Next, add the bead to the top of the hat. You can measure so you have it perfectly in the middle. I just secured it with some hot glue. 

Now it's time to make the tassel. Take your embroidery floss. Cut a piece of card stock the length that you would like your tassel to be. My tassels were 2 inches in length. On the cardboard, start wrapping the embroidery floss around it. I wrapped mine around 20 times. 

Next take a piece of embroidery floss around 8 inches long and thread it through the top and tie a knot. Then take the embroidery floss off of the card stock. For the ones I made, about a half inch down from the top, I took a piece of embroidery floss and tied it around it. Making the top part of the tassel. Then cut all of the bottom loops. So it forms a tassel.

Lastly, you will need to knot the top of the string attached to the tassel. This will be looped over the bead on top of the hat and secured with some glue. 

All that is left is to put the graduation hat onto the container.

If you would like to add the printable, you could either attach it as a tag or make it a card, like I did.

To make it into a card, cut out the printable. Cut out a card out of black card stock. My card was, 3 1/4 inches wide by 4 7/8 inches in length. Then fold it in half. Attach the printable to the front of the card, in the middle, allowing a boarder around all sides. I also cut out a piece of white card stock to paste inside of the card, to write a message on. You would write right onto the black card stock if you had a gel pen or a chalk pencil or pen. 

To attach the card to the container. I just placed some ribbon inside of the card and then looped it around the container and tied it into a bow. 

If you wanted to give a little bit more, you could attach a gift card or money. Or you could put a gift card or money inside of a baggy and place inside the container with the candy. 

I've decided to offer the tag in a few different designs (College, High School, Junior High, Elementary, Kindergarten) Click on the Free Download buttons below:

Kiss High School Goodbye:

Kiss College Goodbye:

Kiss Junior High Goodbye:

Kiss Elementary Goodbye:

Kiss Kindergarten Goodbye:

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