Book Review: A Must Read New Murder Mystery, "The Counselor" by Curtis Taylor

Book Review: A Must Read New Murder Mystery, "The Counselor" by Curtis Taylor,

This post is sponsored, all thoughts are 100% my own, I was given the book in order to review it. See full disclosure.

 I don't get a chance to read fictional book's often, when I do, I usually love them. When I saw the synopsis for the book, "The Counselor" by Curtis Taylor, I was very intrigued. Let me just share a little of it with you and see if this sounds intriguing to you,

"Travis Call, a financial counselor and a counselor in a bishopric, faces life in prison when his wife’s body is found in a shallow grave. He pleads his innocence, but many don’t believe him. With his best friend, Ross Keller, he begins the search for the real killer, only to find that true evil may be closer than he suspects."

Now, let me just say that, that short description does not even give the intensity of the book justice! Travis Call's wife is an up and coming movie actress, which makes this case a BIG DEAL, high profile, which means... lots of media involvement. I loved this murder mystery because, it kept me guessing from the beginning. It was so good to read a book that did not have any foul language in it. You just feel for the characters in the book, too. I also loved how it used language that is specific to "Mormons" and how those things might be seen by others of the world as strange, maybe even at times suspicious. 

I started reading this book midday and lets just say, I got nothing done at home! My younger two boys were interested with what was keeping mom so intently occupied. My youngest kept asking me if I had found out who the murder was and I kept giving him who I suspected it was. I had two prime suspects, one of which who it actually turned out to be. I read until 1:45 in the morning, yes, you heard that right! I just could not put the book down, I had to read it all of the way through!

So, let me just say that I highly recommend the book, I've been telling my extended family all about it and telling them that they have to read it! I seriously want to read it again. I've included the links to how you can purchase the book below:

Here are the links to the book : Aspen Books or Amazon

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