Five Essential Books for Mother's Day

Check out these Essential Books for Mother's Day...

This post contains affiliate links. I also received "Once There Was A Mom", so I could review the book. All opinions are 100% my own. See the full disclosure.

Over the years I have received some great books, these are some of my favorites. They are the kind of books that warm your heart and bring a tear to your eye! Each would make a fabulous gift for Mother's Day!

"Once There was a Mom"

This book recently released by Deseret Book, written by Emily Watts and illustrated by Destin Cox, is one that will touch your heart.

The illustrations are beautiful and any mom who reads this will be able to relate to the words that are written.

I have to admit, there is a moment in the book that every time I read it I get choked up and emotional! If you've read the book can you guess where that is? Even if you or your mom is not a "reader", she will enjoy this book!

This book can be purchased from Deseret Book or Deseret Bookshelf Plus (sign up & receive a free 30 day trial)

"The Remarkable Soul of a Woman"

If you are like me and love to soak up President Uchtdorf's words every time he speaks, then you'll love this book (or your mom will).

This book is an inspiration to all women, focusing on our individual worth and God's love.

This book can be purchase from Deseret Book or on Deseret Bookshelf Plus (sign up & receive a free 30 day trial)

"The Runaway Mother"

Written by Carol Lynn Person

Let's face it, we've each slightly contemplated or even threatened that we were going to runaway. Even if that running away was just to a bathroom or a closet.

Being a mom can be some tough business! Find what lessons this mom learned from running away.

This book can be purchased from Amazon: The Runaway Mother

"I am a Mother"

Written by Jane Clayson Johnson

A beautiful book that incorporates her experience as a mother as well as those of her friends and those who she came in contact with through her career in broadcasting.

One of my favorite quotes from the book is, "You Matter... a mother's work is God's work". (Jane Clayson Johnson)

This book can be purchased from Deseret Book or Deseret Bookshelf Plus (sign up & receive a free 30 day trial)

or Amazon (I Am a Mother)

"Love You Forever"

Written by Robert Munsch.
Illustrated by Sheila McGraw

This is one of my favorites! Yes, it's a kid book, but it's a mom's book too!! Just FYI, have a tissue box handy!!

This book can be purchased from Amazon: Love You Forever

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