Book Review: "More Mormon Origami" by Todd Huisken

This past March, I did a book review on the book, "Mormon Origami" by Todd Huisken. To check out that book review click here: "Mormon Origami" Book Review

I am excited and pleased to announce that Todd has come out with his second origami book titled, "More Mormon Origami", which like the first is published by Cedar Fort, Inc.  This book is hot off the press and was just released on October 14th. What you can expect from this book, is just as the title suggests, more amazingly fun origami designs that have been inspired by LDS Church history, LDS temples and stories from the Book of Mormon.

Navigating through the book has been made very easy with a content page that gives the designs by category as well as the index which leads you to designs by skill level. Can I just say,  I love that there is a skill level. Having the skill level index helped me as I chose designs that might be easier for my children and me (haha) to accomplish.

The design of the book is much like its predecessor. There are detailed figures as well as worded instruction, which instruct you through the steps of each design. At the top of each of the pages are some little trivia questions and facts. I found them very interesting and enjoyed reading through them. One thing I did notice, is there are many more temple designs in this second origami book, most of which are level three (aka the more advanced) designs.  I'm going to have to work my way up to that level with some practice, because there are some pretty neat designs!

With 24 different designs in the book, how does a person choose which design to do first? So, I sat down with my boys and showed them the designs in the book. They each chose a design that they wanted to do.  My 10 year old chose the "Sword of Laban" design.  That one was not a shocker, the design that most boys would go for, right? He did most of the folding, but he needed help with some of the ending steps. Here is how his sword turned out. The paper we used was kind of thicker, it might have been easier with thinner paper.

Next, my 5 year old picked out the "Gold Plates" design.  I did most of the work on this one, which also required a little bit of cutting with scissors. Here is the completed design, or so I thought. We were not finished, he was so excited about it being the gold plates from which, The Book of Mormon was translated from, that he wanted to write some words on the pages.  He told me exactly what to write on each page. I have to say this was a great little moment that we were able to have. I was very impressed with his  testimony. Yes, I believe that what he was telling me was indeed his testimony.  Here are the pages that he had me write, in his words.

Lastly, my 7 year old was the last one and he chose the "Beehive" design.  He wanted me to do the folding, but he read the instructions and told me what I needed to do next. This one was probably the easiest fold out of the three. He loved it and wanted to color it. Now, as he said he needs a bee for it. Here is the completed fold, with his cute coloring job.

From the experience I had while making these three designs with my children, I am excited to share more with them. I am grateful for the opportunity it gave me to discuss the gospel with my children. It will be a great asset to our Family Home Evenings. I could also see the designs being useful in primary, it is a fun way to teach them about the gospel.

For more information about the author, Todd Huisken and his book "More Mormon Origami" follow this link: More Mormon Origami Blog Tour

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book, "More Mormon Origami" by Todd Huisken, from the publisher, so I could complete this review. This review contains my sincere and honest opinions of the book.

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