Missionary Impossible Game Review: A Fun New Latter Day Saint Game to Add to Your Home

Missionary Impossible Game Review: A Fun New Latter Day Saint Game to Add to Your Home,

This post is sponsored, all thoughts are 100% my own, I was given the game in order to review it. See full disclosure.

Some families are big game playing families. I have to be completely honest, we are not one of those families. I'm not exactly sure why, maybe it's the competiveness. We do have a fair amount of games and when we do sit down and play together we have fun doing so. It's just the initiation that we struggle with.

So, when I told my kids we had a new game and that I wanted them to play it with me, let's just say they weren't thrilled. Like most teenage boys of these days, they wanted to be playing their electronics or basketball. It was so good though to gather together as a family and have some family time!!

The game Missionary Impossible, comes with score sheets, instructions and the cards you will need to play the game. After reading the instructions we played the game the best we could. I'm not sure we played it right, actually I'm positive we didn't. But, that's usually how playing a game for the first time goes. 

You can play the game as companions, we did not this first go around. There are trial cards, which you can give to the other players to thwart their progress. There are Blessing cards that help you overcome the trials. Missionary Impossible cards, destroys all of one of you opponents progress, but if they have a Golden Contact card they can overcome that as well! Transfer cards can help you overcome trials and they can get you some bonus points. I hope that I explained that all right. My kids loved to give each other the trial cards & they kept trying to guess who had the Golden Contact Cards and the Missionary Impossible cards. Which I had two of the Golden Contact Cards! I ended us winning, if my two youngest would have been companions, like they should have, then they probably would have won. 

This game is great for family game night or would even be great to play with a small youth group or friends. My hubby's family loves to play games especially my kids cousins, so I could see them playing this and having a lot of fun during one of our Sunday get togethers.

Here is a little bit more about the game and how you can purchase it:

"Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It... Be the first missionary or companionship to complete 100 weeks of missionary service! But standing in your way are Trials ranging from Dog Bite to Dear Johns - while Blessings, Transfers, and Golden Contacts are there to help you along. Missionary: Impossible combines simple strategy and a measure of luck for a fast-paced, easy-to-play card game for 2 to 6 players, ages 8 and up. 

Amazon reviewers agree it's a FUN, CLEAN, game for the ENTIRE family!"

Here's how you can purchase it: Missionary Impossible by Aspen Books on Amazon

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