10 Family Home Evenings All About the Temple

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I remember as a youth having my eyes set towards the temple. This is something that no matter what our age is an important thing to have on our mind. The temple is a sacred holy place, were we can do essential work for ourselves as well as for the dead. It is a place of instruction and a place of peace. For our children it is important that they do have the desire to attend the temple, to take out their own endowments and make marriage covenants. For those who have already made those covenants for themselves. It is important to keep that desire to attend frequently to feel the peace, receive instruction, remember our covenants and to provide work for those who can not do it for themselves. 

I've compiled a list of lessons that would be great for Family Home Evenings, to bring the focus to the that of attending or working towards attending the sacred places of the Lord. (The Sharing Times can easily be adapted into Family Home Evenings)

Want a fun Temple Craft to do? Check out these Temple Blocks:

These blocks are a great way for the kids to have a picture of the temple in their rooms. What about the family room, I have wanted to get a picture in my family room for a long time. I've found a beautiful one of the Logan temple, where me and my husband were married. There are tons of beautiful temple artwork at LDS Bookstore

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