July 2013 Sharing Time- Week 4- Heavenly Father wants me to marry in the temple and have an eternal family

I wanted to hurry and get this post in before Sunday.  I am going to try to get these sharing time posts in by Mondays so there will be more time for preparation.  So here's the idea for this week:

Free Silhouette Printable

Start by having a silhouette of a women and a man. Explain to the children that someday they will be all grown-up and that one day they will meet someone who will become their eternal companion. Also, have silhouettes of some little children.  Tell them that one day they can have children who will be sealed to them.  Show them a picture of the temple.  Explain to them that this is where they can be married and sealed together for all eternity. Eternity means forever. That it is an important step in returning to live with our Father in Heaven.

Free Temple Printable

Tell the primary children that we are going to talk about ways we can prepare now to be sealed in the temple.  Explain to them that you are going to need their help to build the temple.  That each piece of the temple has a way they can prepare to go inside and be married and sealed for eternity someday. Print out the free temple printable and cut out all of the pieces of the temple.  Each piece has a way the children can prepare for the temple written on it. Have the children put the pieces of the temple together on the board and discuss each piece or way they can prepare as they put the piece up. They have small numbers on them so you will know where they go.

When the temple is all built explain to the children that when we are sealed in the temple for eternity then our families are blessed and we are blessed to. We are happier, we know that we can be together forever and live with our Father in Heaven someday.  If there is extra time ask the children and leaders how their families have been blessed from being eternal families. (Be sensitive to those who have not been sealed) The important thing is that we can all prepare to have this special ordinance done. And helping the primary children understand how they can prepare for the temple.


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