Father's Day Gift Ideas Any Dad Would LOVE!

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What it is Father's day in a few days!?! Holidays just keep sneaking up on me, what about you? No worries here are some ideas that any Dad or Grandpa would love to receive!!


Yep, dad's and grandpas like cards too! They might seem tough on the outside, but a nice card telling them what you love about them will make them go a little mushy inside!! Check out some of these card ideas...

Scrapbook Paper Wallet, perfect to place a fun note and a gift card or money in!

Picture courtesy of LDS Bookstore

Find this card as well as some other fun FREE cards at LDS Bookstore. 

I have never met a dad who doesn't have a favorite treat or drink!! Here are some fun ways to gift them their vices ;)

Pop Cakes!! These were a hit with the dads!!

Some other ideas... Candy Poster Boards, Candy bouquets....


Or Gift Cards!  I know for my father-in-law, they love to go to the movies and out to eat. So a gift certificate is sometimes the perfect gift for him. Think of what your dad loves to do. Purchase a gift card to the place and put it with their favorite treat. Not sure where they would like a gift card to? No problem, money works too, but make sure you do something fun with it!! I've pinned a whole bunch of ideas on how to gift money, check out my board for ideas.


What does your dad love to do??? Do they like the outdoors, do they like to golf, what about exercise??? Think about what things they spend their time doing. They will appreciate you noticing and getting them something they enjoy.  Here are some gift ideas for the hobbyist.

For the Dad who likes to travel... Why not make sure he has all he needs to keep him safe on the road, with an Emergency Preparedness Car Kit. Another fun idea is a car wash kit.  

Is your dad an outdoorsy dad? Does he like to fish? Get him some fishing supplies. One year I got my dad a new fishing net and tied on little paper fish that said things we loved about him.  Does your dad like to hike, get him some trail mix and a gift card to his favorite sporting goods store. What about the dad that enjoys boating? Get him a cooler and fill it with treats.

For the dad who loves to hunt, how about getting them some targets and ammo. Or a gift card to the shooting range.

Do you have a dad who loves movies??? Put together a movie basket. You can pick popcorn tins or baskets up for cheap at the dollar store. Then fill it with your dad's favorite treats and a movie, like the "Saratov Approach". This is something I love to do with my dad, I think most of his collection of LDS themed movies has come from me. 

For the dad the likes to READ, LDS Bookstore has several books, dad would love. Like the book, "The Righteous Role of a Father"

Does you dad enjoy COOKING? How about get him a recipe book like "Foiled". Or you could get him some cooking supplies, like a personalize apron or some grilling tongs. 

There are so many more hobby's out there that you dad might enjoy. Just think about it and put together something fun centered around that.


Maybe your dad just wants to spend time with you!  A fun idea would be to come up with some coupons of things you and your dad could do together. Here is a free coupon printable, click icon below. Some ideas of coupons could be: A home cooked meal made and then eaten together; An activity of their choice; A day of yard work; etc.

Thank you so much for visiting today! I hope that you have found some ideas to help show your dad your appreciation for him!! Happy Father's Day to all of those wonderful dad's out there who do so much for their families!

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