7 Amazing Family Home Evening Ideas for Summer!

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Summer, Summer, Summer!!!! The warmth of Summer BEGS us to spend time outside! Here are some ideas you could do for your Summer Family Home Evening....

1) Go on a family bike ride. Before the bike ride discuss how there are rules to follow when riding a bike. Go over those rule with your kiddos! You can find some bike safety rules at Kids Health. Invite your family members share why they think there are bike rules? Explain that just like there are rules for riding our bikes, our Heavenly Father has also given us rules or guidelines to follow. These are to protect us and help us stay on the path. For more on this topic, click here.

2) Go for a family walk. A walk is a great opportunity to recognize all of the beautiful creations that Heavenly Father has given us. You could make a little scavenger hunt or play the "I Spy With My Little Eye" game. Discuss with your family the how much our Heavenly Father loves us. That he loves us so much that he created this beautiful world for us. Here's a fun idea to teach about how Jesus created the Earth for us.

3) Hike on a hiking trail. Find a hiking trail in your area on go on a hike as a family. For trails in your area talk to friends or visit the US Forest Service website. There is a visitor map, that can help you find trails in your area. Hiking is an amazing object lesson. You can bring a compass and talk about how it gives you direction. Then you can explain the importance of have the scriptures, the Holy Ghost and prophets and how they give us the direction we need to navigate through this life and help us stay on the path that leads to exhalation with our Heavenly Father. Here are some ideas to help teach this.

4) Outdoor Movie Night. Make your own drive in at home and watch a family friendly movie. Camille at Chicken Scratch N Sniff has compiled a great list of The Most Loved LDS Themed Movies. My favorites are "Once I was a Beehive", "Cokeville Miracle", and "Ephraim's Rescue". If you have a projector set up a screen or a sheet. If not, no biggie!! We have done a couple different things, we've set up a tent and placed a TV inside and we have also watched movies from the laptop.

5) Family Outdoor Game Night.  There are so many fun games that can be played as a family! My kids love playing kickball! If its warm out, you could play water balloon baseball. Some other fun game ideas are, bean bag toss, beach ball volleyball, crab soccer, tag or even a fun game of flies up.  This fun pinata t-shirt idea from U-Create looks like a blast!!

6) Family Swim Night! If your kiddos are like mine, they could live at the pool!. A great lesson that could go with swimming is a lesson on the Savior. You could talk about a the life guard and what the life guards responsibilities are. Then discuss how the Savior, saves us from our sins and from a physical and spiritual death. For more on a lesson on this topic click here

7) Family Camp Fire and Testimony Night.  One thing that everyone looks forward to when they attend a Youth Conference and a Youth Camp, is sitting around the camp fire for a testimony meeting. Why not do this as a family.  Start the night out with a campfire dinner, hot dogs are my kiddos favorite. Then if you're having a campfire, Smores are a must!!! My family loves making them with peanut butter cookies or chocolate covered graham crackers. Then before your testimony night has a little devotional. The devotional could be on family unity, talk about what a testimony is or on the Holy Ghost. You choose whatever you feel inspired to share with your family.  Then open it up for testimonies.

Hopefully, these ideas will help your family enjoy each others company this summer and make some great family memories. I'd love for you to share in the comments below some fun ways you enjoy your family during the summer...

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