LDS Sharing Time June 2014 Week 3: I can prepare now to be worthy to enter the temple.

June 2014 Sharing Time Topic: Priesthood Ordinances and Temple Work Bless My Family

June 2014 Scripture: “Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven” (Matthew 18:18).

June 2014 Week 3 Topic:  I can prepare now to be worthy to enter the temple. 
Prayerfully study and think about what the specific needs of your primary are and how you can teach them this doctrine.  

Identify the doctrine:  Prepare to have the children sing "I Love To See The Temple".
Print out the week's theme poster, see below.

Help the Children Understand the doctrine: Get a picture of the temple. (See Printable below) Get a "For Strenghth of Youth" Pamphlet or Card to show the children.

Help them apply the doctrine in their lives: Print out the standard cards and tape them onto the supplies for the backpack. Print out the Standard Take Home cards for each child.

Free Printables: (Printing Tip: Click on image to open and then save image to your computer.  You can then print the image from your computer.

Week's Theme Poster

Standard Take Home Cards

Sharing Time Instruction:

Begin sharing time by inviting the primary children to sing, "I love to see the temple". Ask them what it says in the song is their "sacred duty"? Their answer should be something along the lines of preparing themselves while they are young to attend the temple someday.

Invite the children to repeat, "I can prepare now to be worthy to enter the temple."

Show the children a picture of the temple, explain that temple is a sacred place. To enter the temple the person has to be worthy to enter. They have to have a recommend, stating that they are worthy.  

Show the children the "For Strength of Youth" pamphlet or card. Explain that in the pamphlet/card their are standards. These standards can help us prepare to be worthy to enter the temple someday.

Show the children your backpack. Explain that you are going to go on a journey. Your journey will lead you to being worthy to enter the temple.  Before you start the journey there are somethings you need to pack in your backpack that will help prepare you for the hike/journey ahead.  

Show the children the scriptures, explain that when you go on a hike or journey you have to have a map. The map shows you your destination and how to arrive at your destination safely.  Heavenly Father has given us the standard of becoming Educated. We can become educated by learning and studying and developing skill. We also become spiritual educated by reading, studying and pondering the scriptures.  The scriptures are our map that helps us see our destination of the temple and helps us by giving us guidance and direction to arrive their worthy and safe. Put the scriptures in your backpack.

Show the children the flashlight.  Explain that when going hiking or on a journey it is wise to carry a flashlight. A flashlight can light the way of the path. Heavenly Father has given us our Agency and Accountability.  The Holy Ghost is like our flashlight, he can guide us to use our agency correctly, keeping us on the right path.  Whatever choice we make we will be accountable for that decision. Put the flashlight into the backpack.

Show a jacket. Explain that we need to dress appropriately for the weather when we are going on a hike/journey.  Heavenly Father has also given us standards in dress and appearance.  These standards help us to dress appropriately. Modest dress and appearance helps invite the companionship of the spirit. Put the jacket into the Backpack.

Show the bottle of sunscreen. Explain that sunscreen protects our skin from the harmful rays of the sun.  Heavenly Father has given us standards that also protect us from harm.  He has given us direction on Entertainment, Media, Music & Dancing.  When we follow the direction and watch and listen to things that will uplift us and invite the spirit, then we will be protected from harm. Put the sunscreen in the backpack.

Show the binoculars. Explain that binoculars help us to see things that are far away.  Our Family can also do this. When we have love and respect in our home, it brings heaven just a little bit closer.  Our Families are eternal and can help us on our path to attending the temple ourselves.  Put the binoculars in the backpack.

Show the reflective blanket, explain that a reflective blanket works by reflecting heat to keep a person warm.  We can also be like a reflective blanket. We can reflect kindness, compassion and be the kind of friend that we would like to have.  Heavenly Father has asked that we seek friends that have the same standards as we do. We are to treat everyone with love, kindness and respect. Friends can help us or hinder us on our path to the temple, it is important to choose our close friends wisely and to always stand for what we know is right.  Place the reflective blanket into the pack.

Show the water. Explain that it is important to stay hydrated while hiking on a path. We can hydrate ourselves spiritually by recognizing all that our Heavenly Father has done for us and express our GRATITUDE to him in all things.  As we go about our path with a grateful heart and seeking for ways to SERVE others. Our very soul will be hydrated, we will be happier, because we will be becoming more like the Savior. Place the water in the backpack. 

Show the granola bar.  We take a granola bar with us to provide nutrition to our bodies, to help give us the energy and strength needed for the journey.  Our Heavenly Father has given us the standard of physical and emotional health.  It is important that we keep our bodies healthy, they are the temple to our spirit.  We can do this by eating healthy foods, following the Word of Wisdom, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep. Place the granola bar in the backpack.

Show the first aid kit. Explain that the first aid kit is important, because the items in it help us if we get hurt or injured.  Explain that Heavenly Father has given us a first aid kit of sorts to help us on our journey.  It is repentance.  When we make mistakes and sin, he has provided a way for us to mend the wrongs and be forgiven.  Place the first aid kit into the backpack.

Show the compass. A compass points the direction headed.  It is important to keep going in the right direction.  We are so blessed that Heavenly Father has given us the Sabbath Day. It is a day that we have to attend our church meetings to receive the direction and instructions that will keep us going in the right direction.  We have also been instructed to "Go Forward in Faith".  This means we put into practice the things we learn each Sunday. Place the compass in the backpack.

Explain that Heavenly Father has given us Standards to live by that prepare us on our pathway to being worthy to enter the Temple.

Give each of the children the Take Home Cards, that lists the standard from the "For Strength of Youth".  Invite each of them to live by the standards so they can be prepared to enter the temple someday.

Close by sharing your testimony on the weeks topic.

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***Basic ideas for this sharing time came from the 2014 Sharing Time Outline, you can find a link here: 2014 Sharing Time Outline.


  1. This is WONDERFUL! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sarah-
    Thanks so much for your Wonderful comment :)

  3. You always have such good ideas! Thanks for the time & effort you put in, and for being willing to share with the rest of us!

  4. Thank you so much for the inspiration! I might tweak this a bit and use a toolbox/tools since it's father's day. I love this idea!

  5. Thanks for this wonderful sharing time idea. Can't wait to do this. Any Father's Day sharing time ideas?

  6. Thanks Susanna, Jenna & Marilou for your comments! The tools sound like fun :) Marilou- I did just post a Father's Day sharing time today, it's up if you'd like to take a look.

  7. Thank you for all your hard work and great ideas! I have used several of you lessons for our sharing times! A million thanks for all you do to help us!

  8. Kelly- thanks so much for your comment, it really means so much!


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