Spiritual Journal Entry #5: Our Family Journey # 1 & Lessons learned

As a family we decided that we wanted to begin having some family camping journeys. This past week was our first one as a family.  We went with my parents to Left Hand Turn, yes that is it's real name. Four wheeling on trails, viewing beautiful natural springs, beautiful scenery, a river, hiking, yummy food, and building family memories where the highlights of our trip.

One of the early afternoons my husband and I decided to go on a hiking trail that was near our camp ground we started up the trail and continued walking along the path, the path had a steady incline, trees and some open weedy areas, some parts were rocky. When we set off on the hike we did not have any clue where the path led to, we were unaware of any dangers along the path. We simply walked and walked.  We kept pushing ourselves  further and further, but the path seemed to have no end. We could never see our destination nor did we know when we would arrive at the destination.  We decided that we needed to turn around and start heading back. My husband and I both commented about how this could be an analogy of life, if we are unaware of what our goal or purpose is, it can be easy to quit, turn around and not progress.

That same day my mom and my boys started on a hike up the same path, as they were walking along the trail, my oldest son was in the lead. He told me, that they were walking along and he had a really bad feeling, he felt that he needed to stop and look around. He listened to the feeling and stopped looked around and saw a rattle snake. He turned around, screamed and ran to my mom. That is when my mom heard the rattle of the snake. They turned around and headed back down the trail.

As my son and I met back up and my son relayed the story to me, there was no doubt in my mind that the bad feeling he received was the Holy Ghost warning him of the danger ahead.  I was able to ask my son if he also felt that it was the Holy Ghost.  We all agreed that it was.  At that moment I was so grateful that two years ago my son choose to be baptized and confirmed and was given the Holy Ghost to be his constant companion.  I am grateful that my son recognized the spirit and listened and followed the direction the Holy Ghost gave him and was able to be kept free from harm.

My testimony of the Holy Ghost was strengthened.  I also believe it strengthened each member of my families testimonies.  Today in sharing time it was the perfect example to teach the primary children about how the priesthood ordinance, confirmation, blesses our families.

The rest of our vacation was a lot of fun, we were there without the internet or phone service. We left all electronics at home. All of our time was focused on building family memories. I was able to spend a lot of time riding, talking and learning from my dad. Watching my children play in the dirt, play with butterflies, learn to shoot at targets, helping them spot fish swimming in the river, seeing their excitement as they rode along on the ATVs, these are all memories that help to strengthen our family and will have lasting effects.

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