Fabulous Father's Day Ideas

Aren't dad's great!!  They teach us how to put a worm on the hook and the proper way to cast. They show us the perfect form as we shoot a basketball. They sit and cheer us on at our sporting events, dance recitals, and choir performances.  They should each get a shiny metal, for having patience while driving with kiddos brawling in the back seat. They are the leaders of our home, teaching us and preparing us to be successful through life.  So, lets show them a little appreciation and love this upcoming Father's Day!

Here are some ideas:


 Shirt card, we did these in our LDS primary a few years back. The kids colored them, wrote a nice message to their dads. All you need to do is print it out and fold it on the solid line. Then make a cut on the dotted line on both sides, making sure it cuts through the front and back. Then fold the two tabs inward. See finish card above.


Let kids decorate the front of this card, however they would like.

The inside of the card with a poem about dads.

Front of the card for Grandpa

 Inside of the card for Grandpa
Front of Father's Day Card w/boy

 Inside of Father's Day card

DIY Gift Ideas:

I made this cute paper wallet a few years back for my dad for Father's Day. I think it would make a wonderful Father's Day gift. There are slots inside like a real wallet, that would be perfect to slip some thank you notes in along with some cash or a gift card. Here is a link to my Paper Wallet post. 

Make your dad a personalized pad of paper. Super easy, the kids could help with this one. Cut scrapbook paper to the size of the pad of the post it note in width. Then make sure it is long enough length wise to go all the way around and over lap an inch.  I secured mine with sticky Velcro. Embellish and your done.

Some more DIY Father's Day gift Ideas, I have done in the past. (Sorry no pics)

- Car care kit (Purchase a car washing mit and fill it with car care items like a small bottle of Goo Gone, Armoral, car wash soap, an air freshener, etc. Tie the end shut with some twine and attach a personalized card.

- You are the BEST dad, Hand's Down!!- Purchase some work gloves and fill them with all kinds of yummy treats for dad, tie off the ends with twine and attached a little note.

- Daddy Survival kit: Purchase a small divided container and fill it with items that will help daddy survive his days of being a dad.  I put the following in mine when I did it: Mint flavored life savors, to help dad's breath stay minty fresh.  A picture of his kids, for when he starts missing them while he is a work.  A small container of pain reliever, for those days this kids are noisy and wild. Band aid, just in case.  Safety pin, if you ever get a rip or tear. Some Hersey Kisses, because we love you.  Nuts, because we know sometimes we can drive you a little nuts.

-Candy Bar Poster or Bouquets are always great!!!  I remember doing these for my dad when I was a kid and have done some variations for my husband.  It's great, take a trip to the store, take a trip down the candy aisle and let your imagination flow. You could either put them on a poster board, or a foam board and write with permanent marker. Or you could put them on kabob sticks and write the sangs right onto the candy bars and stick them into so foam that has been placed into the bottom of a container.

Daddy Questionnaire:

These could be printed front and back to each other.

Father's Day Treats:

Fun treat to give the "Dynamite" Dad! Wrap Rolos up with some red paper and add a black pipe cleaner wick.

Poems About Dad:

LDS.ORG (Articles about Dad)

"Fatherhood, an Eternal Calling" L. TOM PERRY, Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

"Being a Righteous Husband and Father" HOWARD W. HUNTER President of the Church

"A Latter-day Father’s Guidebook" BY KIM CRENSHAW SORENSEN

Father’s Day Stop Sign

Visit my Father's Day Pinterest page for more ideas.

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