Top Family Home Evenings on Thanksgiving and Gratitude

Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite Family Home Evening Ideas for this time of year.

Here's the List:

This fun turkey could be made and used as a fun Family Home Evening Activity. Sit in the circle and toss the turkey around listing a thing each person is grateful for. Make it tricky and say each time it has to be something that hasn't already been said. 

Some Sharing Times that can be used as a Family Home Evening

Hope you enjoy these ideas, hopefully there will be something that will work great tonight for your family's Family Home Evening.


  1. Great ideas! I love the gratitude chain!

  2. So many cute ideas! I miss FHE. I guess my husband and I could do these...:)

  3. I love these! Thanks for adding some that would also be good for little kids. :)

  4. You're full of all kinds of great ideas!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Lara!! The chain was a fun one we did last year for FHE :)

  6. So many fun ideas! I'd better grab one for tonight! I don't have anything planned yet. Thanks.


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