November Sharing Time 2013 Week 3: I am Thankful for Spiritual Blessings

I decided that I would start doing my sharing time posts on Tuesdays, to allow more time for prepping.

This next Sunday's topic is: I am thankful for Spiritual Blessings.

Begin the sharing time by having a gift. (Inside of the gift will be a picture of the Savior and the scripture reference strips and the phrase, "I am thankful for Spiritual Blessings" inside.)

Tell the children that they are going to sing the song, "The Seventh Article of Faith" found on page 126 in the Children's Song Book.

After the song have one of the children come up and unwrap the present.  Have them pull out what is inside. Place the phrase on the board and have the children read it with you.  Explain that there are a lot of spiritual blessings or gifts that the Lord gives us through the spirit.  Give each class 1- 2 of the scripture reference strips.  Give them a couple minutes to look up the scriptures and read them.

Ahead of time cut out and place the gifts around the room.  Have a child come up and pick a gift.  Have them read what it says on the back.  Then ask the classes which one has the scripture reference that goes with that gift. Place them next to each other on the board with tape or magnets.  Explain the blessing.  Continue until you have discussed each.

Explain to the children that we should use the blessings given to us to help and bless other people's lives.

Bear your Testimony.

Free Printouts:

Print page 2 on the back of 1, pg 4 on the back of 3, and pg 6 on the back of 5.


  1. I have been at a loss for sharing time this week! So grateful I came across your blog today. What is the best way to print out the pictures? I would love to use them! Thank you!

  2. The best way to print any of the pictures on this page is to click on the image to open it up. It is best not to click right in the middle because it might try to get you to pin it. But anywhere else on the image should work. Then you will need to right click on image, scroll down to where it says "Save Image As..." Save the image to your computer. Every image I put on here is a jpeg file. Then you should be able to just print it like you would print any other picture from your computer. Let me know if you have any problems. Thanks- Kim

  3. You are a life saver! I have been struggling with how to do this lesson with a large primary and you saved the day!


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